Greedy and entitled gamer

I don’t know why but I can’t help but feel guilty for feeling greedy and entitled when it comes to this game. This is one of my most played games of all time and I can’t help but want to throw a hissy fit about wanting eyedoll and accessories for shadow jago. Or small issues like the clipping on jago retro costume.( his sword clips through his sash). I don’t know what it is about this game. Maybe I care way too much about it. This game is amazing and I love the universe and all the characters.
I hate feeling furious about the possibility of not getting eyedol? accessories for bonus character or how all the characters don’t have stages.
Does anyone else feel this way?


I don’t blame you. You just want the game to continue improving right? I’m pretty sure a lot of people feel that way because they want the series to be the very best that it can be. The game is not perfect sure (in fact that implies to every game out there), but as long as we, the players, continue to support the game I’m sure it will get better.

Also I do appreciate that you are able to contain your urges than to throw a hissy fit. Criticisms and recommendations are fine but it’s always better to do it in a civil and mature manner.


Yeah I get wanting the game to be the best it can be. We all have nitpicks big and small. No need to be ashamed of that or feel like you’re being greedy / entitled simply for wanting to see something you really enjoy get to what you envision as that proverbial next level.

It can be challenging to keep the perspective that what makes perfect sense to me, or what might look great to me, or what seems like the perfect new character idea or existing character adjustment or new mode or retro idea or stage concept or whatever might not make all that much sense to you or the devs or anyone else around here.

Of course, that doesn’t stop us from wanting those things!

So all we can really do is throw out the ideas, try and keep the conversation and criticism as constructive as possible, and try and keep passion and even frustration on the right side of our better nature. I think the vast majority of people on this site are good about that.

At the end of the day, regardless of Eyedol, stages, ultimates etc, I think perspective trumps everything for most of us. We love this game and they know it.

I’m sure they appreciate our passion and maybe even our feedback just as much as we appreciate they’re hard work and the results that come from it.


I agree certain things can propel this game forward but at the end of the day there is always someone in charge saying no to certain things and others have to comply.

I certainly want this game to be fully supported when games like overwatch have awesome cinematics Costumes and character viewers but most of my concerns are cosmetic not life changing

Your concern of ultimates echoes the shouts heard at ki cup from the room, and most of the community would love accessories expanded & stages added Etc

Hey i guess we should belucky ki is even a thing


Bro I agree with you 110%. Its great that you are able to illustrate how concerned you are about this game (even making this thread proves you are capable of explaining your thoughts in a thoughtful manner). Good for you.

I too have a lot of gripes with the past and active development of Killer Instinct. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person for feeling such way. One of my biggest “nitpicks” is that I really want more costume customization options for characters. PLUS. IT IS EVEN WORSE BECAUSE MY FAVORITE CHARACTER HAS THE WORST CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS!!! :frowning2: but I still love this game. Try to let your opinions be heard in the other forums. The “What are your KI ‘Nitpicks’?” Is a great thread to discuss things like this.


I don’t think your greedy or entitled.

I think your exactly the gamer we need.

Someone who loved ki and that’s spent allot of money on kI but still sees future impovements for the game.

There are allot of things that I’d like to see sorted out. Maybe we should make a huge list just for a laugh to see how fussy we can be lol.


Wanting Eyedol is justified I think. When KI started making a come back everyone wanted all the characters to come back. This includes Eyedol. SO as far as I know, our goal has not been fully achieved yet.

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Unless and until ultimates are Included for everyone, KI will never seem more than a tribute IMO

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If you have the ability to step to the side and view your thoughts & actions objectively - even if you think they are greedy and entitled - then they most certainly are not those things!

That’s passion, and that should be admired. Blind passion is where we start to fall in to those realms, but what you describe is totally wonderful and acceptable.


yeah passion for things you’d like to see is good, and as rukizzel said if you’re ultimately able to detach your core emotions from the game at the end of the day (or hour) instead of letting it seriously affect your mood, then you’re all good.

of course that’s where modding comes too to help with those strong desires can’t wait to see what type of kits they produce. On a more serious note, the great thing about passion + modding is that, if your passion is strong enough, you’ll start developing other programming/artist skills, which can lead to all sorts of things.


I think you’re not the only one who’d like for thi stuff to keep going.

I can honestly live with some clipping issues in KI’s models since it’s a video game so much going so fast that sometimes you can miss things.

Personally I would like Ultimartes but sometimes we all have to find ways of dealing with it.

At least you’re humble about it though OP. :thumbsup:

@rukizzel loves my passion :no_good: lol

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