Graphics cards for KI and other tasks/games

You might think me the least likely person to be asking about graphics cards, with my complete lack of sight and all. However, I am looking to play KI and edit movies amongst other things on my PC and as a result I am looking for a graphics card that will runKI without bringing up the dreaded “the display driver has stopped responding but has recovered” message (that I haven’t tried fixing with a registry hack that I don’t really want to undertake before I get a card).

I’ve been looking into This card, the MSI GeForce GT720. I know it only has a 64 bit memory interface and 192 cores with 2gb of ddr3 (which I gleaned from the information on the site), but since I’m not familiar with graphics cards, I’m not sure what kind of impact this would have on the running of a high intensity game like KI (basically, if it would help me run that and other games with smoother precision).

Any advice would be much appreciated from those who might know about graphics cards etc and I wanted to get this sorted as soon as I can. Way I see it is a dedicated card is better than an integrated chip (which I’m currently at the mercy of).
Thanks in advance for any help.

I am no expert on graphics boards, but I think that will be a bit underpowered. I’m not entirely certain it will run the game all that well. I have a GTX 750 and I run it at 1080p, at decent looking but not max settings. If you really want to be editing video you may want more umph than this. It all depends on your budget, but I think you are going to be a bit let down by the GT720.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I get what you mean. I’m trying to find an offer that’s not going to break the bank, which unfortunately a lot of the higher end cards probably might. However, we’ll see what’s going to happen.

Justa bump to see if anyone else might know a better solution to what graphics card would be best to get in this circumstance
Edit I have a card I’m looking at that I’ll post more info about

Looking at the GTX750, which seems to outdo the 720. @Rukizzel can you confirm if this will run the game, as I’m unfamiliar with graphics cards? I’ll need to check a couple of other specifics first but this seems like it might work.