Graphics and Gameplay are Inseparable

agreed on this. If the game does not work then the graphics are just simply pretty pain on a badly functioning car.

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Maybe because they are all putting it in S3? Trying to make is look EPIC upon release? Fear not, they are hard at work.


Huh…look at that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Right. It’s called working around the clock for 9 months to get a character released every month. Up against deadlines like that, you are bound to not get everything perfect. That might be what you are looking for.

Sagat is nearly impossible, button mashing and luck are needed to beat him.

With Season 2, it was very clear they were going for quantity over quality. That’s not good, and hopefully, that’s not the case wit Season 3.

Adam’s interview with CrazyLCD made me believe there would be a stronger emphasis on quality in Season, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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Yeah I have seen that video (I actually agree with it) but I think this game looks great. Everything seems to fit, nothing really looks out of place, everything goes with the overall look and feel of the KI universe IMO. Omen does stand out a little bit, but not graphic wise (IMO). He does seem to be missing something though. Maybe if he had wings visible on him at all times or something. There does seem to be a little something missing, but I can’t put my finger on what it is lol (Still an awesome character though)


I haven’t noticed any inconsistency as far as graphics. I wouldn’t say Omen looks out of place either, he’s just blandly designed character, but that’s a different gripe. I would hope that IG plans to revisit him seeing as he plays a major role in story.

I’d put MKX in second place. That combat pack 2 triborg combo video was amazingly beautiful in terms of animation.

I will say Season 2 characters stray from Season 1 in the regard that Season 1 characters have a lot of little details to them. Each Season 1 character in terms of looks alone, have a unique and stand out design. They look like they can each be the main protagonist in their own game. Season 2 characters don’t have a lot of details to them and to be honest I can’t picture Tj, Maya, or Aria, carrying a solo game on their own. Theor design is just so bland and generic. In Mayas case it’s a shame because when she was revealed via concept art she looked amazing. The transition from concept to in game did not go well.

Kan Ra and Hisako are the only real stand out human characters in the season.

How do you lump Aria with Tj and Maya? She has an amazing design and some of the best animations of S2, maybe even the whole game.

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She looks generic imo. Also I wasn’t talking about animation, just her looks. I always felt it was silly how Fullgore looks more advanced than her and she is the Ultra Tech boss. She looks like a low tech steam punk robot but with the generic digital blue hexagons.

The guy who commented below me also gets it. Kan Ra is more scarry/intimidating/charismatic than Aria. I get she is a robot with no feelings but overall she is just a boring lackluster character.

To Segway into Kim Wu, I also think Aria needs a better face/head. Aria’s head is easily forgettable.

Aria is a very well-modeled and animated character but she doesn’t exude the power and intimidation that a final boss should. She has a very creative gameplay, but her design fails to communicate that she’s the baddest, most high-tech entity in the KI universe.

Just because you don’t look like a ‘badass’ doesn’t mean you aren’t.
What happened to not judging a book by its cover?
She’s an ai, no emotion or inflections.
As for maya I think she’s the best looking character in the game. Jago is up there to. I love her design but her dead face and eyes don’t do anything for me. As for the hair -bleugh.

The new KOF is on another level of “bad”. It just looks awful. You could up the resolution and detail to an ungodly amount, but the way everything moves is just so dam ugly.

The graphic style is best describe as what would happen if a bus carrying the entire Guilty Gear Xrd graphics team fell off a bridge mid development.

In Guilty Gear Xrd, to go 3d they first turned their sprites into rough 3d models, then did a color pass on the models to give them the somewhat cell shaded look:

KOF is basically what would happen in the above transition didn’t happen. So you have a sprite converted to a 3d model, but made no changes to that 3d model to make it look natural.

I thought I’d just leave this here…


Very interesting. I never knew these things. Thanks, finally learning something new on this forum except who is next in line for getting nerfed.

Aesthetics is the same as art direction. Though not as technically impressive as MKX and SF5, KI excels in art direction.

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Despite the assumption of the graphics of Ki and how people will always think it’s bad despite the fact that this KI is
1:Not a AAA
2: All footage we have seen of Kim wu and S3 as a whole is still a work in progress/

BUT!, the graphics do have enough to convey some stuff to it. If it was needed to convey a certain thing then it would workout but Gameplay is far too important to be overlooked.

Not to mention that despite dated graphics some old retro gameas are still being played today. If graphics were that relevant, few people would still appreciate what the classic games were like back then.

Still KI is standing out okay despite not having an Unreal Engine look. Primal carnage may have used Unreal, but there are some complaints I have about it gameplay wise.

A developer once said in a Dante’s Inferno developer diary that technology can allow them to everything from an art stand point, but gameplay comes first. Never the less I do think graphics has the least priority of other games. Developers should take advantage of the technology but don’t let it result in bad controls.

There were two franchises I was a fan of that had great graphcis but failed to appease the fans of these franchises and even critics didn’t like them.

one example is the Godzilla PS4 game. It had great graphics and a lot of the Kaiju look like suits that the models were based on and the graphics did allow each Kaiju to make entrance like they did in the moves. Unfortunately the poor controls and gameplay is what kept me from wanting to try it.

Even the Sonic 06 game which ahd good graphics was a game that was so horrible it almost killed the series itself.

If this isn’t an example of bad games with good graphics I don’t know what is.


From how I see KI, I think that was their intention. You have to admit; everything is inconsistent I mean you can have killer cyborg fighting a werewolf, or a pirate skeleton fighting a dude on fire. This game in general is wild and inconsistent, from characters and presentation and that’s how it attracted me to pick up Killer Instinct back in 2013.

Omen is a demonic spirit like creature from out of this world so it would make sense to give him the oddest animation you could think, because it’s part of his character.

There are things that IG could polish but wait till they’ve finished season 3.

[quote=“paintwaster2, post:40, topic:4713”]
Omen is a demonic spirit like creature from out of this world so it would make sense to give him the oddest animation you could think, because it’s part of his character.

There are things that IG could polish but wait till they’ve finished season 3.
[/quote]Omen’s oddity mostly comes from him being a rushed hodge-podge of a character simply meant to throw some used & unused assets together with a couple of new moves to make a bonus incentive for people to buy the Season 2 Ultra edition…He’s pretty much KI’s version of Mokap. & for what he is that’s fine. He was a bonus, not the primary focus of Season 2. Plus the electric circulatory system is pretty cool. I kinda wish he had some better masks though. The ones they gave him, I’m not really a fan of.