Graphical upgrades

Just wondering if the graphics can be improved for s3? with pc ports usually come higher graphical settings so it would make sense to improve the xbox version too im sure the xbox can handle better now, seeing other fighting games like mk and sfv theres something polished about them missing from ki also if possible to go back and improve some characters specially tj lol

Yeah I’ll be curious to see if they decide to fine tune a few things from a graphical and animation standpoint.

I know that a lot of people here have their own preferences for specific items that could be redone or improved upon, whether it’s season one hair, Orchid’s face, Sabrewulf’s retro, TJ’s animations etc and I don’t know if they’ll get that specific or perhaps just find a way to increase the detail and polish overall, but I certainly wouldn’t mind.

I’m one of the few that don’t believe KI’s graphics lag all that much behind MKX, and I personally prefer KI’s animations to some of MKX’s, especially moves done while jumping.

I’m also rather disappointed in the art style of SFV. In sticking with the same look, it definitely makes the graphics appear mediocre given the power of the PS4. Maybe they’ll be touched up, but from everything that I’ve seen, the characters barely look better than Street Fighter 4, which will be 8 years old when SFV comes out. I like some of SFV’s arenas, but from an overall art style standpoint, I’ll take KI any day of the week. Same goes for character design.

If KI could step up the graphics to MKX levels of quality and SFV levels of animations, I’d be a VERY happy camper, but those games have their own flaws, IMO.

I’m a fan of the graphics as well. I don’t think MK X looks better, although it has a very different art style.

It will be interesting to see what they do with the PC version, but since the game needs to be locked at 60 FPS for the fighting aspect, I’m guessing people are going to be disappointed that they can’t push more in the graphics department. They may just lock it exactly like the X1 visuals, or they may just allow powerful hardware to up the resolution. I’d be surprised (although not astonished) if there were serious graphical improvements to the PC version beyond resolution. The games visual effects are already pretty darn good, and I don’t see them making higher poly models or adding a lot of special graphical features that will be challenging to optimize on an open platform.

I’m really hoping for 1080p along with some texture quality upgrades for S3. Only if they can keep the locked 60fps of course. Also I’m expecting an all new look for the UI and in-game HUD. The current HUD is REALLY starting to show its age.


Yeah im not saying any of those games have a better art style or anything just that i think better can be done after seeing those games and since this games in a never ending state of development i think its fair to go back and polish up things that could look better and there are some big things which i could list its not always about focusing on future content thats the wrong way to do it, another game i play which has a very similar model as ki is smite on xbox they regularly go back and change the look of things they have even completely done remodels of characters

And about the 60 fps thing if mk can have those graphics at 60fps then better can be definitely done with ki

Also about animations i have no problem with at all ki wins there 100 percent except for a few things

Yeah the ui/in game hud definitely needs to be fixed up

Sure, I think now with so many tools for developers they can make it… And for me, more than resolution is about textures and effects in general.

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I would love to see this happen some day, new textures that are more clear than current textures are. Smoother animations would be amazing too.

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I’m a little worried about the S3 UI/HUD now that those 2.12 HUD updates were shown. It’s great that we get new features but the graphical style hasn’t changed. I’m hoping the new text for ‘Punishment’ , combo breaker/lockout strength etc are just placeholders and we are STILL getting an all new HUD design for S3 launch (metal in-game fonts, HUD redesign etc).

I’ll be honest, I’ve grown to appreciate the HUD and the particle effects. Gives KI it’s own style, but that’s just me.

I also hope they change the ui in the end, the combo breaker and combo fonts just do not fit the game at all anymore. Should they remove them completely? No but I think we should have an option to use a font that fits the rest of the game.

I also hope they fix TJ’s Run punch the slide looks to silly and not in the fun KI way.


I really think it’s possible to improve in several ways KI graphics because of new Xbox One SDK, global developers learning curve and middleware tools evolution.

Pushing the resolution to 1080p and optimizing code should be a formality for developers.

I hope that Microsoft will support KI improvement as it could be a really effective way to develop new tools and to test them in order to help others developers to keep the pace with competitors and to show that Xbox is now able to run 1080p graphics without any issue, a least for exclusive.

A bump to 1080p with some refinement should be done with Season 3 : This game deserve it !!!

The graphics in KI could definitely use some improvement.

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