Graphical Differences between Xbox One, PC, and Xbox One X?

Hey all,

What are the graphical differences between the three different platforms the game plays on?

Does the Xbox One X have higher character model textures over the Xbox One S, or is it simply that the game outputs in native 4K? If the textures are the same, then are the low texture models on PC unique to that version?

The textures in the 4K version of the game are, I believe, higher resolution than the 1080p textures. If I recall correctly, an update when the one X came out increases greatly the size of the game file to store these additional textures. I would swear on my life, but I think this is true.

Otherwise, it’s native 4K resolution and then some additional graphical effects on the higher settings on PC. I do believe the low res textures are only found on the PC version.

Biggest difference I notice is in the load times rather than graphical fidelity, though I don’t personally own anything 4k capable. Even with higher resolution I don’t know if there’s THAT much of a difference? Textures probably scale with the resolution but it is still a pretty old game.