GoTE Fight Club Presents: KI Weekly Ranbats 5/17/2016 in Clearwater, FL. Details Inside!

This is a place holder for now but here’s the link to our local weekly meetup.

Rules will be the same rules they use for EVO. KI tourney will start at 8pm est.


Hey! There he is! Welcome to the forums! :smiley:

I took your advice and signed up. We will also be getting some stream time as well.



It is right in the middle of all the good cities, and nothing special happens here.

Every gaming event that i would like to go to is at least 7 hours in any direction. Orlando, Miami, Clearwater, Huston, Dallas, North Georgia, The virginias.

I cant go to this either :cry:

I need to move!

i was so excited for this. I thought it was closer.

One more day til our 1st ranbats. HYPE!!

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I was in Pensacola during the KIWC for the Tool concert, haha. It’s pretty geographically isolated.


Ok everyone the tourney starts tonight at 8pm. I can’t promise stream time tonight but we will get stream time next week.

GoTE Fight Club Killer Instinct results 5/10/2016

1st: GoTE I$AAC (Thunder, Rash)
2nd: GoTE Bad Panda (Orchid, Mira)
3rd: Michael (Sabrewulf)
4th: GoTE MeatyFP (Thunder)
5th (tied): Ian (sabrewulf) and ZethTheDarkMage Riptor
7th (tied): Paragon (Spinal, Arbiter) and Manny (Sabrewulf)
9th (Tied): Mattias (Spinal), Hastings (Shago), and Zach (Rash)

Thank you everyone for coming out. see ya next week.

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Man I feel the same way being in Nashville. I feel your pain.

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KI side tourney happening this Saturday. Check the link for details!

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GoTE 4TheKids Killer Instinct tourney results:

1st: EMPR Warchild (Mira, Kim WU)
2nd: GoTE I$AAC (Rash, Thunder, Arbiter)
3rd: Roberto (Thunder)
4th: GoTE Los ( Sabrewulf, Spinal)
5th: GoTE MeatyFP (Thunder) and Mark (Riptor)
7th: GoTE Bad Panda (Aria) and Ian (Sabrewulf)

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Awesome to see a Mira on top!