Got potato chips on my keyboard

What do you snack on, what beverage do you like most? When slaying you opponents?

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You truly post every single thought you have onto this forum, don’t you? XD


Someone said it before i had to. I could probably take only 2 more posts.

But since it is one of the more relevant posts he has made, i would like to participate.

I keep water near me all the time. Its simply the best. Very refreshing. I used to drink Soda, then stopped for a year to see if i would actually gain some health benefits… i didnt. So i went back to Soda, and now i switch between the two every now and then. It mostly stays water, though.

As for food, I dont ever eat while playing. it just makes no sense. Everything gets dirty, you cant talk to teammates, and its much more relaxing to put on a youtube video and take a break while i eat.

I’m not sure what someone’s favorite snack is but I’m pretty sure I know what they like to drink before they make a thread. lol


I like nuts while playing it’s cleaner and individual snack pieces to chew

Coconut Bai or black Coffee

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Oh my god I thought you were asking how to clean chips off the keyboard

But I eat sour gummy worms

If you don’t like me simply don’t click.
I try to be funny, edgy etc. If you don’t dig it
Then I don’t know what to say, I don’t diss on no one.
You won’t see me putting anyone down.
Something to think about.

Update: I stopped the soda too.
A salami hero, green tea, and b12. Lol.

I use to drink soda, then my brother got close to diabetes so we put off it and it really showed. I barely drink soda or even juice for that matter, I mostly stick to water and tea as my drink of choice.

As for snacks; sweet potato chips and fruit all the way baby, maybe something with dark-chocolate?

I’m type 2 diabetic, Been active in extreme sports my whole life, but I got it from my dad, plus I was a heavy energy drinker,
(sleept maby 15 hours a week. ) untill my teeth started to hurt.

EDrinks have tons of acid, x10 then soda. I cut the soda, and sugar and feel so much better.
Diabetes is a serious condition, good thing
I learned to take it serious.

I like green tea, also guarana, and water is always best.

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