Got KI on PC, bought Hisako, can't play her

I bought Hisako on the store but she still can’t be played.
In the store it now says “Instal” but even if I click on it it won’t work.
I exit the game and came back and she’s still unplayable.

Weird thing is that II bought a bundle which unlock all the characters from season 1 and they’re all playable.

And I just realise that I bought the bundle of Seson 1-2 but I still have only the characters from season 1…???
I wasn’t even suppose to buy Hisako because she’s from season 2.

Need help here.

Make sure your system’s clock is correct, along with your location. This has been known to be the issue for this. Also, it may help to just reload your game.

Mon héro!
Ça a fonctionné, j’ai tout ce que j’avais acheté.

Merci bien!

Pas de problème! Je suis content d’avoir pu être utile.

I found it interesting one time the characters had a page when the glitch of having only season one when I’ve been an ultra owner since 2014-

Each character had a combo video ending in their ultra, a link to their trailer and a link for bundles available, I think.

This should always be accessible to everyone who has already bought everything! Ive always wished for a character zoom in and rotate like season 1 and a viewer on stage like SC or the posed character like a figure with a taunt sequence button like MKX