Got Gold Skin Pack 2, but can't find the costumes in game

I own Definitive Edition and install Gold Skin Pack 2 for free.
The issue is I can’t find these gold skins for TJ Combo, Orchid, & Sabrewulf.
I guess they should be in Default Costume list, but I only have 9 defaults.

Does anyone have similar issue?

Maybe it’s somehow related: initially I bought the Gold Skin Pack 2 on my PC version.
Now I play on Xbox and can’t find gold costumes.

After you have chosen your character and your on the color select, you’ll notice an arrow pointing the the right. That is showing you that there is another menu. Click right on the dpad and that will take you to the skins select. Here you’ll find the mimic, shadow, terror, and gold skins if you have em.

Thank you, I’ll try it tonight

Yup, what @GeneralScrebor said, it’s hidden in the select menu. Simply taping on your dpad will show your selection to any “premiem” skins.

Bare in mind that none of these skins show up in character customization, though they should.

Both of you are right. Dpad opens skin selection menu. Can’t believe I didn’t notice this arrow sign.
Thank you again


Your very welcome. Happy fighting with your new bling. Fun fact, I’ve noticed that when you have Saberwulf with gold skin he sparkles when he does a shadow move. Don’t know if the same applies to everyone else.

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I wonder if that is done to distinguish his gold from his rather similar yellow skin, I don’t think I even have him in gold, so I would need to see someone playing Sabre using a gold skin.

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Hmm possibly