Got all 6,460 fight challenges!

It took over 323 game hours and 8 years, but it finally happened! There’s only 3 others who got 100% of the fight challenges. See it on the leaderboard.

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Fight challenges?

Is that tied to the Shadow Lords stuff?

No, it regular stuff like for each character like 100 ranked games, 50 survival games, 500 combo breakers, etc… It takes a long time to get them all.

Oh, the achievements! I wasn’t sure what you were talking about on those.

I’m guessing if you’re a steam user, it tracks that statistic. Cool man, great to have another one in the club! I got them all too, but on the xbox version. I don’t think it’s something very many go for so awesome to hear you got it done!

Fight on! Hopefully we can get a sequel at some point and more KI matches to play.