Good Luck to all at KIWC

Good luck to all of you. Whether you’re organizer, dev, or player. Don’t fight among each other but have fun.

@STORM179 and @developers and whoever on this forum is going. Say hi to my Japanese KI buddies and tell them I am counting on them to bring back some of that $30,000.
I have been having the busiest period at work in like years and need to work this weekend too. So, while working on my company’s laptop I’ll be staring at my desktop PC watching you guys “work” at KIWC.
Have fun and please provide me some entertaining matches. Oh and yeah, play the hell out of Shisako and her crooked stance for me too.

Safe trip!!



Good luck everyone (extra for our forum regulars), looking forward to some hype matches and a awesome weekend!

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BEST OF LUCK EVERYBODY! Especially you forum cats!

Best of luck to everyone!! and once it is all over…


Would be nice if the Web page for ultra arcade was not down.

Arigatogozaimashita :smile:

I’m learning Japanese now courtesy of my job, so I’ve been really looking forward to trying out my (still terrible) Japanese on all of the guys :joy: Will definitely let them know you said hi and are rooting for them!


yes, good luck to all, and nice nod to all the organizers and devs behind KIWC too :smiley:

and to the winners, remember, had nothing to do with luck and all about skillz yo!

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I went to the venue today.



Rooting for @BHThompxson and @STORM179!

Take that money match Thompxson, come back with that championship Storm!


Ahhhh I am on the airplane. Landing in about 3 hours. Can’t wait to go check everything out!


I’m at my job at the moment. Anyone flying into Houston going to San Antonio today I may be working one of your flights. Lol

Best of luck to everyone at KIWC! Hope you all have lots of fun and do really well.

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Good luck to everyone and have fun!

You have to check out the Alamo and Riverwalk. The former has significant historical value. The latter is just fun and has lots of nice restaurants.

Have a great, awesome, amazing, and (of course) fun time at the Killer Instinct World Cup guys :grin:

Are the last chance qualifiers going to be streamed?

Yes. TeamSp00ky’s channel I believe.

then who will be streaming Shinsako?

KI World Cup Live Stream -

Thanks. I found a schedule. Everything starts at 1:30 pm CST on TeamSpookys stream starting with the opening ceremony to ShinSako breakdown to the last chance quals.

Yes. It’s going to be on I believe.

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