Gold skins price

Hello ppl. The last pack of gold skins is already roll out. My opinion and my proposal is to reprice the skin packs or next of them. Is to much expensive for 3 skins x5$ for all characters (except rash, ramm, arbi and omen). Please @IronGalaxy @Delriach @TheKeits @rukizzel @developers rethink this.

Um… that’s actually a fairly normal price in the grand scheme of gaming cosmetics. I wouldn’t hold my breath on a reprice.


Gold skins are affordable though. I don’t see why IG or MS would even consider the idea of setting another price down for already existing content.

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Hmmm… I haven’t been playing this game long enough to know how many characters it has by memory but I’m thinking it’s 28 now. At 3 characters for $5.00, that would only be $46.66 for all the characters we have now. (gold skins) Anyone who doesn’t think that’s cheap is kwazy. Right?

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I don’t consider the skins a big deal. They don’t really improve the game “not like a new character does”. They would mean more to me if they were unlock only.

I would bet that they will have discount if you buy all of them at once. After they are all released.

Street fighter 4 had 44 characters,a skin for 5 characters was $4 which is already a better deal on its own.Then a pack with skin for all 44 characters was $20 so compared to other games it is a little expensive but then again we might get a bundle for a huge discount in the future.

Sorry but street fighter 5 haves much toooo much MORE players popular and impact from killer instinct take a view the viewers right now on twich.

Viewership on Twitch at any given moment for any given game can be in flux. In a vacuum, there could be 0 viewers for Mario Party until Maximilian decides to stream it for some +5k viewers. Does that make the game popular and impactful?

Regarding skins, i feel that’s just business at work. If MS (or whomever controls the price) feels 5.00 works and people buy it, money in the bank. Likewise, if they feel the same price for a character like any of them not sold in a bundle (5.00) works and people buy it, money in the bank. Depends on how you value your dollar.

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seriusly? 232 viewers and haves 40+ guys to stream ki: 23 and haves 2(!!) imagine how man not streaming…
agree or not the game have HALF players/commiunity

thats one reason need reprice some items.

Hard to say the size of either community based on players or viewers. I dont judge a game’s worth by its showing on Twitch or other streaming networks. Im not a drone.

If you want to compare number of PLAYERS, KI may beat SFV since the game is free to play and SFV has sold terrible. If you want to compare COMMUNITIES (which to me consists of both players and spectators) SFV might beat KI based solely on its legacy.

Ultimately, its about what people are going to pay for. And currently, its “accepted” that 5.00 works for both skins and characters. If you dont agree, voice it. But using streaming network numbers as a reason doesn’t hold water.

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Why aren’t Arby, Rash, Raam and Omen getting gold skins though?

Maybe they’ll have a sale eventually? im ok with pricing.

You’ve clearly never played League, CS:GO, or any number of other games that aren’t Street Fighter. $5 for three skins (which is subjectively pricey) isn’t that bad compared to the wide wide world of gaming, where people have dropped $10 for one skin before (League, I believe).

Also, the cost of Gold Skins is -not- affecting how large our community is. What is affecting it is likely that the game is “three years old” and even with continued content, most of the novelty driven and immediate gratification seeking consumer culture lends itself to spend less time seeking out new ideas and more time propping up the old.

For example, Titanfall 2 released at the same time as Battlefield 1 and CoD:IW. And yet with continued support (that is 100% free regarding anything gameplay related) and the type of quality that seemingly gave critics a collective orgasm, the game barely scrapes 10,000 players at peak performance compared to BF and CoD who rake in ridiculously more so than that.

So no, price of Gold Skins is not driving the player base down. Street Fighter existing, and the new titles coming out in mere months, is more likely the cause.

Sf5 is trash I wish KI got more recognition

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