Gold Skin Pack 3 Not Available On PC?

Hi There.

I am Just curious if anyone has been able to purchase and use Gold Skin Pack 3 on PC yet.
I can see it is available to buy for Xbox one, but not for the PC version 3.7 currently.
Also it does not even show up as being available in the in-game store

I had the same issue. I hope it shows up now.

Interesting. Is the problem still persisting? Could you post a screenshot in this thread of what you are seeing?

For reference, here is my screencap. It’s there for me. (Not saying I don’t believe you. Pics help out team out, is all!)

It shows up now so I am not able to show you what it looked like before via screenshot.

If I had to describe it: only Gold skin pack 1 and 2 were visible while pack 3 did not appear at all almost a day AFTER the official announcement.

That’s weird, for sure, but glad it’s there!