Godzilla vs Saiji: The Thunder Beast

Seeing how a new Godzilla film is on the way, felt it would be appropriate to share a fan project I’ve been conjuring up since, which was also teased in another post I previously made.

Basic premise, a new creature was forged from the same nuclear explosion that made Godzilla, however both are hellbent on destroying everything. Meaning whoever wins, the world still loses.

Saiji itself is a creature of surging electricity, which allows it to send EMPs through the whole city, also creating power outages in the process.


Not bad man

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Isn’t that story just the Mutos from the 2014 Godzilla? Same origin as Godzilla, hellbent on destroying everything, creates EMP’s and causes city wide power outages?

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Not exactly how this creature plays out, but heavy influences from that film were applied when coming up with this project.