Godzilla: KING of ALL Monsters


YES! I’m hyped, King Ghidorah looks amazing.

I think this will be better than the first film for sure.


Ok… I saw Mothra, Gamera, Rodan and MOTHER ■■■■■■■ KING GHIDORAH!!!


Edit: I might be wrong but I think
1:09 = Gamera
1:25 = Mothra
1:33 = Rodan
2:02 = King Ghidorah

1:09=Mothra Larva

But you were right on
1:25=Mothra (adult)
2:02=King Ghidorah

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When i first watched the trailer I was a little disappointed but I can’t stop thinking about how cool it’s gonna be seeing all these iconic monsters looking great and brawling. I’ll be watching for sure.

King ghidorah :ok_hand:

I don’t know how to feel about this.

cautious feelings about this one. i hope its good!

Also if your Godzilla fan
check these out.

Alittle bit of some starting information on the three monsters who wil be appearing alongside Godzilla

I have a feeling i’ll be getting my money’s worth with this film

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A comparison of how Godzilla looks from 2014 to 2019