Glitchy Tech?

Ignore the whiffed grabs, we were laughing hard after what happened XD
PS: the other player did AD heavies and counter breaker (he told me that was his intention)

I think I know what happened… maybe. Shago hit you, which you combo broke obviously. This puts you in flipout, and also you can probably cancel out of this move (flipout moves which are LK etc. can usually be counter broken) frame one which could be a glitch, which Shago was probably mashing his linked move… and there you go? Did that make sense?

EDIT: The bomb could have hit Shago out of the combo same frame you broke and caused a simulated “combo” with the flipout.

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You are probably right that the grenade had something to do with this. But it happened so fast that I forgot I threw that nade, heh

well that was interesting. Particularly as the announcer glitched too at the end :smiley:

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Did he say “perfect” O.o? You can clearly hear the combo breaker and At the same time a counter breaker is happening. To many things At the same time! Lol

The grenade acted as an opener since the character being broken are still hitable for a few frames after a break. There are very difficult setups with arbiter for unbreakable combos.

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