Glacius's Backstory Seems Inconsistent With Gameplay

So im probably going to get a lot of flack for this but im going to say it just to see if anybody else feels this way too.
Before I nitpick, I’d like express that this post is exactly that. I love glacius just like you and I’m not going to boycott the game over this (frankly the game has a lot of more important issues that need addressing) so if you have better things to do with your time then by all means read other articles. I’m curious to see if I’m looking at this in the wrong light or if others agree.

So according to the Official Killer instinct post made today, Glacius is confirmed to be a galactic marshal, meaning hes not a gentle giant who plays mostly a role of self-defense, but rather a battle worn fighter that defends laws held in space…?
Honestly, it sounds kind of cool but i dont like it. He doesnt fight like a professional in game. a lot of the attack animations for his normals are pokes, slaps, and b*tch kicks (his crouching medium kick makes me laugh everytime).

His powers seem like they could potentially kill everyone (I.E his intro animation shows him gliding into the arena so im assuming he can fly,) but if he was a pro that could fly around and manipulate matter to his will, why isnt he fully taking advantage of his abilities during fights?

Yes I know its for balancing purposes and the sorts for one, but it still ends up being inconsistent. Yes, the game is a reboot it doesnt need to be like the classics, especially in terms of story but this was the only option and did he need the change?

I know max created the story. Hes awesome, I love him and hes great but its just hard for me to picture him as a character with emphasis on 'defensive" gameplay with an “offensive” back story. Again maybe im looking at this wrong and its obviously not that big of a deal anyways since the game shines in its multiplayer, not story but it just doesnt seem to make sense to me.

Anyways sorry for the long read and thanks for looking!

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Well he didn’t train on earth so how knows what martial arts training he had. Moves we see as weak might be strong for them. Also for the flight,it is more of a Glacius is falling slowly from a high surface. Not flying. Plus I doubt he can manipulate all matter with his power.

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Sasuke’s right - he’s not Earth-trained. :wink:

I like his fighting style for how simple and effective it is. Stomps, stabs, boulder bashes, and shooting stars - that’s all you need. :wink:

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I have a few theories.

Glacius had to make a new shell for himself when he came to Earth, specifically Antarctica which is why he’s made of ice. He didn’t even have much time to do it. Maybe his old shell allowed him to fight better and use more of his abilities but since that one was destroyed, he had to make due.

And maybe him fighting differently is just how he fights. Maybe their idea of professional fighting isn’t the same as what we’re use to. The way Glacius fights is he stretches his limbs far enough so that there would be no way that the opponent could come in contact almost like a projectile (even though you can still hit his extended limbs lol). Maybe that’s his idea of an effective way of fighting.


Well isn’t Glacius one of the characters getting a complete gameplay rework for season 3?

The devs at IG have not yet announced which 2 characters will be reworked. And for the record, if it’s Glacius, I will be incredibly upset…


I find your point of view interesting. To me Glacius’s fighting style looks totally rehearsed and professionally trained (do you see that cr.HP?) . He looks like he’s doing attacks that have been practiced 1000s of times before. When I watch the character perform Ranged Combos it looks like some freaky Alien Dance. Sort of like Human Kung-Fu, it doesn’t look deadly, it looks graceful, soft, sometimes easy to imitate, until you are receiving it.

When I look at Glacius’s fighting style it looks like his People aren’t using combat anywhere near similar to Human combat. I think War in Glacius’s culture is more similar to what we imagine Wizard Battles to look like. In our world Wizardry is extinct or it never existed in the first place so we only imagine their battle tactics using deadly magical spells and what not. However Glacius’s combat strategy looks like his Race fought like our World’s fairy-tale battles between Magical users and Elementals. His hand looks like it’s doing Spells sometimes, especially when he uses Shatter/Shadow Shatter and Hail/Shadow Hail not to mention he screams something which might be him Casting his attack.

In our world We use physical weapons religiously for Battle. In the KI world Humans still have magic anyway e.g. Orchid, Thunder, and Jago. So it only makes sense that in a far more evolved culture they would learn to combine Metaphysics with Physics in other words Magic with Technology. I mean Magic is just one using their mind and spirit to manipulate the energies of Nature. Glacius’s race using there minds to manipulate matter to form long range attacks and armor is called Magic on Earth. Geokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Psychokinesis. To me Glacius is behaving totally like a Alien Wizard, and if his Race embraced magic and wizardry into their culture, government, and military then it would only make since that His physical attacks look alittle awkward compared to our race whom fight like Wild Animals on crack.

Think of Glacius as an Alien Wizard on official business from his Magic Council. Seeing it through a lens that relates to him and his race, rather than a human lens where all you see is Police Officer/Rambo type.


Glacius society is probably tech heavy and maybe his combat training is weapon based as suppose to typical hand to hand combat. Leaving Glacius with only his baser instincts defend himself .

Well, it’s a thought. A Marshal is generally supposed to be a peacekeeper though. He’s not a space marine. If you look at his moves in the context of trying to subdue rather than wreck face, maybe that will help. It also makes a certain kind of sense that he would try to keep the opponent at range and “contain” them with his zoning too.

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Shatter, literally, its transmuting air into ice, hurting his opponent using the air that surrounds them.
Hail does the same, using it as projectile

And he is using an improvised shell.

In his original shell, maybe he could transmute the water from your body into air or ice or orange juice or whatever, insta killing you.

Also, about his “clumsy” moves… he is one of the top 3 most damaging characters… with his “backup” shell. Seems that he could be unstoppable with his original suit.

And maybe his premium accessories are a hint of his former suit


Since the first complete history, it is the same after publication.
"This character will be redone in season 3"
Will I read the same thing for 18 characters with stories redone?

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Funny, it was stated that 2 characters will be reworked, but @tempuschaoti never stated if it was a gameplay or a visual rework.

And also, we aren’t seeing the whole picture. We dont know the new mechanics that they are implementing. What if one of these changes literally obliterates one of the existing characters and thats the reason behind that rework?

We can only guess. And not get offended by other’s guessing. We all have no clue.

And speaking of Glacius, IMO he can use a tweak, not a rework

Interesting feedback! A few things to clear up:

  • Story is handled by the crews at Microsoft and IG. Max provides us a ton of great feedback and is a wonderful sounding board, but I don’t want you directing ire at him for no reason.
  • Saying you’d boycott the game over some backstory information is a bit… draconian, no? =)
  • Others have said it in here, but just because Glacius doesn’t fight like a boxer or MMA fighter doesn’t mean he’s not fighting with skill… he’s just not fighting with human skill.
  • Powerful? Hell yes. Ultimately powerful / Kill everyone with a thought? Hell no. The strain put on him mentally in controlling matter is incredible, plus he’s also actively processing the atmosphere of the world he happens to be into a breathable one for himself at all times (another part of what the shell does for him).
  • Glacius pulls a lot of fight style from the matter he encases himself with, so he creates a shell and then improvises as he figures out what he can do with that material. You could consider his current arsenal the best he’s discovered so far when it comes to manipulating ice.
  • While Glacius is a marshal, his entire race is not. His race just happens to be really well suited to the task because of their incredible adaptability to any planet and atmosphere.

Contrary to what the news wants you to believe, cops don’t leave the precinct with the intent to kill most of the time. They want to subdue and arrest criminals, and inflict the least amount of damage possible. With the Super-human powers that even the “normal” characters (Maya and her daggers) and the Shadow energy that I assume we’ll find out is a result of Gargos corrupting Earth, and the age-old rule of space travel (interfere as little as possible), it makes sense that Glacius would do as little as possible in a fight

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Hmmm so you double entendre’d my name as a sword of reason against another’s rashness while subtlety saying “I saw that awesome post Draconian”. Someone majored in English at College. :wink:

I guess it’s just the way I look at it. Some of the moves (while i can agree look similar to a dance) don’t seem to be convenient for hand to hand combat. Theoretically sure, but you can’t argue that Jago’s (or anybody else for that matter) move aren’t better than glacius’s.

Is the combat alien like? of coarse! that makes it very interesting, but it seems more like he’s still adapting to environment since some of his normals are a bit slow and clunky.

theres nothing wrong with glacius’s cryokintic fighting style. Its the fact that he’s considered a professional despite all the limitations he has in combat (I.E. bad footsies game and slow attacks.) Keep in mind, im not complaining about the games balancing. I don’t want Glacius to be reworked. If anything I just would like the puddle punch to be more useful as an anti-air since i’ve missed puddle punch anti airs countless times.

Not a bad way of looking at it though.

Whoa, the creative director of KI has graced me with his presence!!

okay first off, I want mario in the game-

hah just kidding, but seriously thanks for the reply!

  1. I just wanted it to be made clear that I love the staff for all their hard work and don’t want people to think im just hating on any particular person or group (I.E. max.)

  2. Heh yes, hence why i said I wasn’t going to.

  3. Different fighting styles are not only acceptable, they’re awesome! Variety is a spice of life in these kinds of things especially, but what constitutes skill? I guess it would be fair to say that glacius’s skills shine in zoning, but I find it hard to believe that Glacius has been training in the CQC department.

  4. Good point. Maybe I’d have to get a better understanding of the fundamentals behind his fighting abilities, but what’s stopping him if he’s a pro? I was kind of exaggerating with the whole “ability to kill everything quick” anyways.

  5. With H20 being one of if not the most common elements in space, I figured cryokinetic powers and frozen water manipulation shouldnt be an issue for him. After all, Earth has plenty of water and he is supposedly a pro, right? Okay to be fair, his powers are probably limited because of the atmosphere/circumstances being unorthodox. (Sorry if im sounding snobby, i love you <3.)

  6. Thats just it though! If he was a typical run of the mil glacius then i understand him having to improvise, but he’s a professional!

Again, sorry if I sounded douchy/snobby. I love KI and I’ll continue to support it, even if Spinal continues to make me break my controllers. If it’s worth anything; Great job so far. It’s great to see you getting involved with your fans!

P.s. More monster characters please!!! Just pithing it to the other guys at the office would mean the world to me and Im sure all the other fans would agree that being able to play as a skeleton, war golem, alien, etc. is one of the shining qualities of KI!

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there nothing wrong with his fighting style, its the story that isn’t necessarily consistent.

I’m not trying to bash you, just putting my two cents in…and giving food for thought! :smile:

I think even if you are a Professional Space Marshall, crash landing in a planet and adapting to something that you are not used to is hard.

Sure, H20 may be the most common elements in space, but we have no idea if Glacius has encountered Ice in a fighting style before crash-landing into earth, so we have to go by the idea that Glacius is literally creating a fighting style on the fly, and making it work to his advantage (So Badass :sunglasses: )

Again, I feel Glacius is using the Ice in a situational way. Different fighting styles use different types of weapons or techniques, and some do not carry well over other fighting styles easily. So while Glacius is probably an AMAZING fighter with CQC with other forms and elements he’s encountered, he is still learning what Ice can do, and how he can learn to use it to benefit him. Plus, as said earlier, Glacius is under a lot of stress mentally, and physically, due to him processing the atmosphere into breathable air to keep him alive and keep his shell intact. So I’m sure if someone had to do that, they would be limited in what they could do. :wink:

Just things I picked out. Good topic!


very nice points. well said.
It’s fair to say I’m looking at it the wrong way. especially since his combat skills are superior at a distance. Now if only he had a way to deal with spinal’s dash canceling…

but thats an entirely new topic :wink: