Glacius v Shadow Jago

I think this is something people forget about a lot in KI. They get hit and get frustrated, but a lot of things don’t do much damage. The game is about getting in and getting 50% combos. If someone is poking you with fireballs for 3% a shot that’s just annoying - but they aren’t going to win the match that way. Be patient and wait for your chance.


thats right what u said but thats the first to have infinite spamming fireballs

So I tried fireball spamming every Glacius I fought today. All they did was liquidize and shoulder me in the face.


from full screen?

Can we have an intervention against the word “spamming” when it comes to fighting game strategy? It means nothing except you don’t want to block. Thanks.

It’s fine to discuss how Glacius can handle Shago fireballs, or to say you struggle against them, but the word “spam” implies something silly.


nah that’s spam

isn’t it ironic that the glacius players are complaining about zoned out. It’s the same thing glacius has been doing to regular Jago, Wulf, orchid and thunder.

Bottom line is deal with it! you have all the tools you need liquidise, Hail, floaty jump and great damage, so why are you complaining simply adapt shago isn’t that string


Yes, heck one guy intentionally sat back at full screen dodging them and taunting me. Since he had the life lead I was forced to go in or lose.

That’s zoning 101 if he has the life lead why should he come near you the ownis is on you to make the move. I’d do exactly the same minus the taunting.

Yeah I just got finished fighting a shago as glacius who spammed heavy fireballs at me nonstop the whole match all you gotta do is is use a combination of hail, liquify and shatter and that ■■■■■■ is in world of hurt combine that with your instinct and there’s no reason you should lose.

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As someone who mains Glacius AND has seen an awful lot of this matchup lately, it’s honestly not that bad of a matchup. It requires some patience, but it is definitely a winnable matchup. Honestly, I’ve won most of my matchups against him so far, although one has to consider that most Shago users aren’t seasoned with him yet. Stick with it and learn the holes in his pressure game.

All that said, I do find it a bit frustrating as someone who plays the game’s primary zoner, that there are now so many characters that can play solid zoning and space control AND they get much better mobility. Hell, Glacius can’t even cover full screen with shatter. I think he’s unfairly punished for having shatter in some ways, and I’m concerned about him becoming increasingly irrelevant in the cast.

that’s kind of been my complaint with him since S2 started. I feel like a lot of the new characters have way more options and he’s kinda just like w/e we aren’t going to change him at all. he’s my favorite character, that won’t change but with the YOLO style that a lot of characters have I think he should be given a few more things if they are trying to go that route.

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man ive fought against nikoss shadows and ufle or even gutter magic resultats always the same scenario run away and fireball spamming up and down :imp:. tho ulfe have some class in battle :smirk: something must be done with that non stop fireball .

i thought it was only the newcomers who did . but no everyone do that
i have two ideas for it

  1. the first is to give more shadow bar when blocked ( to opponent evidentely no shago) but for it shadow jago must shoot at least 2 fireball minimum.
  2. : reduce de amount of shadow bar recup from shago so when hes spamming fireballs he dont recup enough to continu infinitely because the opponent block it :rage: the baddest thing is when u block that 5 fireballs shoot he recup hes shadow bar even fully to rewind tha spam again and again

what do u think about???

EXACTLY!!! Thank you!

As someone who fightd Glacius regularly I even tested Shago against my brother’s Glacius. By playing a piatent fighting style, my brother can block some of my attacks and wail on me while I’m on recovery.

Yes Shago may have the speed and mobility advantage, the thing is, you do not ever want to wiff or have Glacius block your attacks, because Glacius’ damage will knock you silly.

I say give this match-up time, someone will find a way to beat Shago easy with Glacius.

Match up CPU vs CPU Shago vs Glacius. Very Hard or Hard difficulty and see what the CPU does. Learn from that.

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So… break every attack 1st frame correctly, never fall for counter breaks, tech every throw, block every mixup, and beat every non-light attack in startup with a faster attack. Got it! :slight_smile:


While I agree with the larger point, I certainly wouldn’t include Glacius’ space-jump in the list of pros for this MU… :-p

lol floaty jump. Shago can shadow fireball and make your jump worthless or Fireball and then slide as you are coming down. Fact is His fireball game is too strong and Glacius doesn’t have the speed to fight back.

I know right. people think is floaty jump is a “tool”. I think Glacius needs to be faster during instinct. get rid of the armor and make him more aggressive.