Glacius v Shadow Jago

back up back up

fireball fireball fireball fireball fireball jump fireball fireball fireball fireball fireball fireball fireball fireball some kind of teleport ■■■■. fireball fireball fireball fireball fireball fireball fireball

back up back up back up repeat.


I take it you’re complaining that it’s a bad matchup for Glacius?

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sounds like you’re not using Shatter, Liquidize, or the floaty jump enough


yeah it’s kinda terrible lol

they don’t really work IMO.

No offense but I find it funny that ppl complain about “zoning” or a ton of fire balls but then think that other charcters shenanigans are OK…like for instance Thunders OP command grab and DP, or Glacius’s long air lance, ect…

You have to find a way around it… period.

So i dont feel bad when spamming Shagos fireballs… thats his tools… and if it works then Im going to use it.


Man u are nope de first to notice that I ve tried all character against Shago and that’s alway the same scenario as u said. Fireball up and down bash dash dash fire ball fireball repeat indefinitely :anguished::anguished::anguished::anguished:
. That’s force people to spam all the match to me I think the developpers must do something with that or at least give something to others characters to escape from fireballs spammed. Something as the sadira down and light kick to escape . There is no way to fight against Shago.

That’s nope a bad matchup but that’s the way people’s use him. And pro star too.

Booooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuh. U are good to play against childrens👌

Shagos fireballs are fast as hell. Glacius is slooooooooow. I cant walk towards Shago. I cant liquidize under them because he will change the speed up of the next one and hit me with it. If you jump with Glacius v Shago youre gonna get the fireball easily. He floats in the air. Shago is not an easy match for Glacius. Its basically just eat the fireballs. You finally get in close and he just gets away and moves to the other end of the stage.

Idk the liquidize move pretty much leaves me unscathed by shagos fireballs.

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every time I try to liquidize im getting a different speed on the next fireball and it hits me on the way back up.

That never happens to me but then again I haven’t used my main in a bit so idk I guess you just have to practice it and see if you can perfect the timing it requires between hits.

Yeah, I have been playing Shago, and from what I have seen so far it is a pretty terrible match up for Glacius.

Liquidize under by holding Liquidize and reacting to what speed the fireball was.

Block the fireballs. They don’t do much chip damage.

Cold Shoulder directly into the fireballs from full screen. They don’t do much damage and you will close the distance.

Threaten with Shatter after you Liquidize. Even if you trade, you will come out way ahead on damage.


Now you know how Wulf players feel against Glacius for the past two years :laughing:

Good games last night btw bro.

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good games to you too. always a good one.

I admit, I haven’t played this matchup, even though Glacius is my main. But if you go look at Max’s week of Shagi videos he goes up against a really strong Glacius who gives him hell. Maybe someone can remember which vid. It’s worth checking out what that guy is doing.

No. “Children” are the people who say “I’m too bad at the game to adapt and beat this new character, therefore the whole world needs to change to suit me. Other players shouldn’t use that character’s tools and the developers should come in and change them. That way, not only do I not have to learn or play any differently, I still get to win.” If something works, and you want to win the match, it’s foolish to stop doing it just because your whiny opponent doesn’t like it. That’s kindergarten participation ribbon stuff.

[quote=“shujinkodidier, post:7, topic:3338”]
There is no way to fight against Shago.
[/quote]. There are plenty of things you can do. Shago isn’t the first character in the game to have a fireball.


So how is spamming ice lance, call of the earth, scarabs, pryro bombs, and everyone elses moves not the same? And why would me using Shagos tools to win make me only good against children?

please…sounds like some of you are butt hurt from a Shago whooping your tail…learn the match up and you should have a good match

Then you need to stop using Glacius against Shago… you have to learn multiple characters to make a counter pick. Either that or learn a way to beat Shago…Im sure there is a top Glacius player that can beat the snot out of a good shago