Glacius, Fulgore, or Rash?

So I currently main Spinal exclusively and he will probably remain my main for as long as I play the game but I do think I should have another character I know and can use well… I will eventually try to learn all of these to an extent but out of the characters we have and are confirmed to be getting I want my secondary to be either Glacius, Fulgore, or Rash (when he comes out of course) so keeping the S3 changes in mind, who do you think would be the best option?

I typically play a bit aggressively, but I do like to have the option to zone a little available to me if possible, but its not a must have.

Are there any pros/cons to these 3 or reasons why I should start with one before the other?

Each of these 3 characters are really different from each other.

-Glacius it’s all about spacing and mantain your opponent in your zone of confort and not letting them get close
-Fulgore it’s a mix-up monster, and it’s suited for every situation, but your meter management must be perfect
-Rash is still very fresh to tag without discussion, but as far as I see him, it’s a heavy juggles dependant character with high mobility, with very good preassure game but not so great defense

You are a Spinal user, another mix-up monster with resources management and great offensive but not so great defensive options.

My suggestion among these three characters is Glacius. All are awesome, but Glacius zoning can give you a character with a totally different gameplan than Spinal, and having a secondary character without special resources it’s somewat relaxing(I’m an Aganos main, sometimes it’s ok to forget about resources and simply go nuts!)

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Awesome, thanks. I was kind of thinking Glacius would be a good choice due to him having an overall different game plan than the character I main now since he is good at zoning, spacing etc.

How well does Glacius do up close though? I can zone and I have the patience to do it, but I do have a tendency to kind of run in and play very aggressively, can he also hold his own if played that way?

Check this s3 video and judge yourself

You can be really offensive in instinct due armor and hail/liquidize/homing puddlepunch.

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Awesome, thanks dude. It looks like he can play up close well too lol I think ill probably make him my secondary character.

If you are looking for familiarity, I recommend Fulgore because he didn’t change too much.

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Luckily I have yet to spend a notable amount of time yet, but Fulgore does seem awesome. I want to really learn him at some point.