Glacius and Kan-Ra Banned for first S3 8BBD

So it looks like Glacius and Kan-Ra will be taking a backseat due to a nasty game-breaking bug. It’s shown in the 8BBD FB page, if anyone hasn’t seen it yet.

What are the bugs exactly?

From what I understand, Kan-Ra has this bug where if you throw a projectile whilst he sends out his scarabs, it chips away at your health bar until zero. When Glacius uses shatter on someone’s wake up, it’s inescapable and gets a free combo.

They shouldn’t have banned them. Just let them play and if they win…it doesn’t count. Oh the salt would be real.

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Great, now a bunch of people are going to exploit it. I wish they would not post what the bugs are before they get fixed. All it causes is people to use these bugs to win matches in ranked.

It’s posting about the bugs that bring it to the devs attention in the first place.

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I don’t know about Glacius, but I’m pretty certain this would be the Kan-Ra big they’re referencing.



Stop the madness!!!

That was the most horrifying fighting game video I had ever seen in my life.


That’s really cool.

Utterly busted, but really cool.

Also I think we can confirm that Godlike is the highest combo title now, guys.


That was hilarious… those riptor sounds as the life is being sucked out of her lol…that’s terrible though , they need to hop on that ASAP .

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It always was.

Godlike is right!

It was a joke. :neutral_face:


What, is that the maximum cap the number of hits in any combo can go up to?

Outside of ultras, yes.

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:neutral_face: Huh. I wonder why?

I get that, and it is great that people do this, but keep it on that thread. They could reply to the ones that send in the noticed, that they are aware, but remove the info on how to do it.

I remember when Riptor’s ground flame was a problem. The next thing I know is I am fighting nothing but riptor, and they are all doing the bug.

new world record lol