Give more options for PC version

I have been waiting a port of KI for pretty long time, and it’s definetly worth it. This game has such a crazy production value for a fighting game, that still amazes me.
The only thing that makes me worry is it’s “exclusiveness” for Windows 10 and Windows Store. It’s not fitting for what PC as a gaming platform is great at: large amount of options in everything - peripherals, graphic options, where to buy the game. And making such exclusivity is a turn off for a pretty big part of the PC gaming audience. Giving the game for a larger amount of operating systems and distribution systems will be amazing and I am sure it will attract more attention for the game, which it totally deserves.
I may understand the point about exclusivity of W10. Microsoft is making an ecosystem between W10 and XOne and it would be difficult to do the same with older OS’es. But Windows Store? It’s a flawed service, that mess my network up bigger than any other downloading service, it lacks payment options, its social features are far from perfection as well.
I am not sure that anything will change for that matter, but anything of this changes, it will be way easier to recommend to play this marvelous game.
I will be grateful for the response

Much like KI itself, you should look at Win 10 and the store as an evolving platform. Features will be added over time.

The best thing you can do is use the built-in tools to give feedback about the store and the platform. Everyone at Microsoft reads and discusses new features constantly.