Giant Caterpillar

Is this giant caterpillar cool, neat, awesome, amazing, rad, gnarly, or what? :smiley: :grinning: :sunglasses:

Thats an intrestinc looking insect.

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That’s cringe worthy. I’m not particularly scared of bugs or creepy crawlies (unless they’re known to be venomous) but… Squish it! Kill it! Smash it! Burn it with fire!

I don’t consider it something that should be killed. Even if people don’t like bugs its not a good enough reason to be killing them unless they pose a great threat to you. like Mosquitoes. If there is one animal type we should be afraid of, it’s the parasitic kind. Those things actually want to eat you.


Yeah I’d agree with you about the parasites… I don’t like snakes either… But still, don’t lock me in a room with that thing. I’d probably climb the wall like a sissy girl lol

If I saw this caterpillar in my house,


Bugs are cool, but I have a phobia of them. Mainly the stingy ones.

…and palmetto bugs… (Giant, Flying roaches that come through your window and steal your kids.)

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I love snakes personally. they are my favorite animals of all. I don’t like bees or wasps, but I know they are necessary for the ecosystem.

I don’t want to be near one. I was already stung by a bee once (one thing I tried to avoid)

Wow the spines on that thing is crazy! I wonder if the butterfly that it turns into will look as dank looking as that.

Some kinda heavy metal death butterfly! Lmao

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Is going to be a moth or butterfly. I’ve only seen giant moths so far.

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Folks, this caterpillar is called the Hickory Horned Devil. This caterpillar also turns into this moth
known as the Regal moth


That’s a badass looking caterpillar!

If I followed that logic I’d kill every mongoose I saw XD simply cause I don’t like em’ I’m sure the only reason it looks like that is because it’s a big one, so a bird would just LOVE to eat them. If it we’ren’t for those spines that little thing would already be extinct I bet.

Everything looks freaky in the wild for a reason. Lol

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Atlas Moth is a large bug to.
Larva stage:

Adult stage:


Who said anything about logic? Geez it’s a joke dude. I’m not going to burn the gross little thing. Its over kill for the sake of being funny, OK? It’s a joke, meant to highlight the simple fact that I find it creepy.

Well I want you all to know, that I LOVE, absolutely LOOOVE… Spiders and I think they are adorable. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Duely noted

How could you not like mongoose? They are badass snake hunting critters. Super smart too

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He actually loves snakes and mongoosi eat snakes, hence the scorn. :slight_smile:

Aaah that makes more sense now

We don’t like mongooses because of the fact that they hunt and kill snakes. That being said, mongooses are still necessary to the ecosystem.