Giant Bugs/Insects Thread

Alright people, this VERY thread is for all you bug/insect lovers and enthusiasts AND the bug/insect haters too. Enjoy :wink: :grin: :smile: :sunglasses:

So now to start off this thread, let us begin with these giant cockroaches:
The Giant Burrowing Cockroach

The Giant Hissing Cockroach


Damn…I did not expect to be viewing giant bugs today…imagine one of those buggers on the floor when you wake up…shivers

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I ate a big ■■■ Beatle one time for 140$

It wasnt that bad… I went straight to walmart and bought a DVD burner VCR combo LOL… this was in 2006 back when Fear Factor was the hottest show on TV so me and the guys at work were playing our own little game of Fear Factor LOL


The second one sounds like a toy engine!

The Giant Asian Hornet (whom I fear most of all bugs)

and the bird eating spider (one of my favorite spiders)


Ants taste like bacon…

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The Giant Pill aka Rollie Pollie Bug

I now wanna say this bug looks quite cute and adorable at least to me, that is :grin: :smile: :blush:

Heracross pre evolution

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The Giant African Millipede

:bug:Wipe them out… ALL OF THEM. :ant:


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The Giant Centipede

The Mammoth Moth

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