GG's Articles for a GG

Hi, for those of you who don’t know me, my (user)name on here is GalacticGeek, or as some like to call me, GG or Geek for short (I go by Galactic Geek on Xbox Live). As a long-time professional teacher, Xbox Live Community Ambassador, and United Enforcer, I do what I can to teach people about how to become better players online, and not just in how to effectively play a game better. No, I go a step further than that. If you’re the kind of player who often gets upset, sad, angry, or even vindictive while losing at video games, or whom likes to “rub it in” when you do win, then this topic is for you!

The following is a pair of articles that I wrote some time ago. Saved on my PC, I recently re-discovered them, and felt that it was worth sharing them with the Killer Instinct fighting-game community. I must warn you, though - it is a long read, but entirely worth it, in my opinion. I also encourage you to share these two articles with your friends or with anyone that you think might need the additional insight. Feel free to discuss them, at length, below. Otherwise, enjoy (and may your gaming future become a more positive one as a result of them)!

@TheKeits, @xSkeletalx, @FinchoMatic, and @Infilament - I particularly value your opinion(s) on the subject matter at hand.


It wasn’t that long lol.:smirk: I liked the pun part. However,on ranked,things might apply differently.

Maybe so, but should they? Personally, I don’t think so. I f they must die by my hand, then I would prefer to kill them with kindness.

Yeah but helping with match ups and stuff might not be possible in ranked.