Getting the game back to the basics is warranted

what I mean is that what ever happened to the good old blocking aspect of the game ,the timing on getting an opener in to start a combo,this notion of trapping while if matched up against a terrible ,exploitive level 50 kan-ra,Omen or hisako you cant even block,hit or defend yourself against it . Get back to the basics Season 1 charcaters where so good and fluid that jumping was a different aspect ,now IG’s s2 fighters with the slow,elderly auto doubles are not only brutal to watch the tried to change to much to quick when they didn’t need to, now there have been people in politics in all countries that try to change too much ,too quick and they been assassinated for it, yeah its just an anaogy guys dont get your panties in a wad.

The fast,fluid auto double alon with the sound editing and visual,asthetic appeal to S1 is what people loved,Riptor is the only one whomatches up well with S1’s fighters and looks like he fits in.

You’re on a roll today with these types of posts.

If you’re having trouble fighting a S2 character, take them into Practice Mode and find answers for the stuff you’re getting blown up by.

Dress it up however you’d like, but that is threatening language. Perhaps you should try a nice cup of mint tea to help you relax?

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roflol, that was funny (your response about mint tea) ,im sorry that was a bad analogy but people don’t like change and nobody is gonna do anything like that of course I like S2’s toon just not aganos nor Omen