Getting slaughtered under pressure

Can somebody give me some help, because I’m really close to giving up. KI is the first fighting game I’ve gotten into online. I took a lot of lumps at the beginning, found myself improving, and went into ranked. I had a tough time on qualifiers, but had a lot of fun and learned a lot on my way to gold.

Now that I’m in gold though, I’m just getting slaughtered. I keep getting destroyed every time I’m put in a corner and certain characters seem to be able to do it even outside the corner. Whenever I’m knocked down, a Thunder will jump over my head for a mixup or a Riptor will breath fire over me, and I’m never able to recover. I don’t seem to be able to block, or jump out of it. Shadow counters don’t work because I can’t block, I can’t find any wake up moves that get me out. This usually last until I lose my health bar in an endless frustration loop. Please give me some advice. I really like, or at least liked the game but I’m losing it

My advice would be to not play ranked for a couple months. Take your main character and just learn everything you can about the character and practice daily against the CPU and Shadows. Take him into exhibition every now and then.
But your obviously not ready for ranked and the competition in GOLD tier so you need to wait and practice more.

That’s what I did about 5 months ago and I came back stronger than ever.

Watch Sajams videos on his youtube channel. read infills guide. Watch as many matches as you can of your main character. try to do some of the set ups the pros do with your character. Just keep practicing.

But dont let ranked discourage you… use it as motivation to get better and then come back and dominate Gold tier!

who is your main and whats your 3 main issues?

yeah gotta learn your fighter better. i came into KI fresh and got torn up to pieces by everybody for about a month straight. heavy losses, heavy discouragement until i found the KI forums (the old ones from double helix’s days). the info i found there was wonderful, as it is here too! so my live account went down until june.

during that time i fought everyday against the comp doing survivals and just spending an hour at a time in the practice room doing set ups and learning the fighter i chose who was sadira. all you need is practice, and patience. if you’re getting hit alot, just “slow down” a bit and dont be so frantic with your buttons. watch the opponent, see what he does, there are holes and patterns he is showing you. when you lose, dont get salty, dont get upset. take it as a learning experience. just learn to let go when you lose. right now you are just starting. care about winning later!


I appreciate the replies, but I’m specifically asking about why I’m getting best on wake up every time. I’m playing as Shadow Jago, I don’t seem to be able to block on wake up, or dash away, or jump out. Especially against close range pressure characters like Riptor, Thunder, Wulf, or some people’s Jago’s.

Any advice for dealing with that kind of pressure?

You should post some replays. It would be easier to help if we could see what you were doing / going up against.

I’m not sure how to do that, is there a way to post them directly from the Xbox one?

Yes sir. Go back into your “fight archive” in game and find the match you want to record, and then use your Xbox DVR to record the clip. You don’t even need to upload it to YT or anywhere, as once it is done recording it will auto save to the Xbox cloud and just be available for share. You should play around with your DVR just to get used to it. Uploading a fight is pretty much just as easy as hitting start and stop while you are watching it.

Thanks I’ll check that out when I get home. Are wake up moves a thing in this game?

Yes, but honestly they are move / character specific. There are no free wakeups, so you have to figure out what is good for what situation.

Jamman, would you like to do a set? I main Shadow Jago and I could give you advice if you’d like.

If really appreciate that RGLOfficial. I just started a ten hour shift at work though. Could you send me a friend request and I’ll message you when I see you online? My xbox is: jamman39

you’re probably pushing buttons like i mentioned earlier. if you get knocked down as shadow jago, wake up > dragon punch. if they block it, well good luck there. but usually people will be taking you for granted if you’re consistently getting beaten on when you get on your feet. opponents who always try to do a cross up on you can be stopped with his fierce dragon punch. it goes straight up, and if you press the button twice you’re open for juggle oppurtunities

Will do! (15 characters lol)

Air buster gets my pressure spammers every time.
DP LASER BATON strike hits oh so expertly
Shadow firecat leaves them airborne and confused like whoa

Hisako has awesome DP
Maya has one of best DP
sadira HK or (recluse?) whatever the move that kicks backward
Aria all kinds including B+HK

I would like to play some matches with you as well Jamman. Not gold tier but would love some matches with better players to better myself and not be a victim of the “stay down” pressure you are having as well.

There are no sure ways to escape OR do pressure in KI, the whole game evolves around risk and reward. What that means is that your opponent is putting himself in risk everytime he does something to you on wake up.

Let’s take Riptor’s Flame Carpet for example. Assume you got hard knocked down and the opponent used flame carpet. These are your main options on wake up:

  • Block low
  • Block high
  • Jump

All of these will keep you from being damaged by flame carpet but will also put you in risk. Here are the pros and cons of each option:

  • Block low
    • Pros: Blocks the carpet and any low attacks from Riptor. Some of these attacks are somewhat minus on block (like Clever Girl) so you can punish or at least not get caught on a block stream.
    • Cons: Get’s punished by any overhead attacks, including Tail Flip. Also you can be thrown.
  • Block high
    • Pros: Blocks the carpet and high and overhead attacks. Also if you predict a cross-up tail flip Riptor is EXTREMELY minus on block and you can punish AND put your opponent on the corner.
    • Cons: Get’s punished by low attacks, if this low attack is a c.HK you’ll get hard knocked down again and the opponent will just set you up again. Also if you fail to predict a tail flip (either because you didn’t expect it or because you did expect it but it didn’t come out) you’ll be crossed up. Also you can be thrown.
  • Jump
    • Pros: Avoids the flame carpet (you don’t get damaged if you hold up on wake up). If the opponent tries to throw or hit you with a standing or crouching attack and such attack isn’t an anti air you can punish him and even start a combo. If your opponent jumps for an overhead or even a tail flip a quick reaction on your part can counter or at least trade with him.
    • Cons: It’s arguably the easiest reaction to predict and even if your opponent doesn’t predict some of his moves that would hit you when standing will also hit you when jumping.

So you see, for every action you can do on wake up it puts you in danger and has a chance of getting you out of trouble while every action your opponent does can hit you or put him in danger. The secret to any FG is to first know these options and second to keep your opponent guessing wrong when choosing these options.

One thing about KI is that this game puts you in more blind guesses than most games. Some games like Street Fighter have a good amount of “react able” guesses where you have a quick audiovisual cue to what your opponent will do. KI has those to but the game is so fast that most of the time you have to commit with one guess and hope for the best. The good part is that most moves that put you in blind guesses are also hugely minus on block so if you guess right your opponent is screwed.

@ShianoTheWyvern I’ll definitely play with you, send me a friend request- jamman39

@Dancovich thanks, this was super helpful and a good read. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to do either of those blocks on wake up which severely limits my options.

Am I maybe holding block too early, so I need to wait until closer to wake up to begin holding back?

There is no such limitation, you can just hold back or diagonal-back-down while waking up and you’ll block any move.

By this comment I imagine you’re being crossed up or otherwise not being able to detect why you didn’t block the move. Remember you can block standing (just hold back) or crouching (hold diagonal down+back) and each block type has it’s limitations. Blocking standing blocks moves that come directly in front of you or moves that come from above like jumping attacks, while sweeps and moves that hit low hit players blocking high. Blocking crouching blocks moves from below and moves that come directly in front of you (just like blocking high) but get’s hit by overhead moves (any jumping attacks and some special moves like Shadow Jago’s back+HK).

One other concept you must understand is the cross up. Blocking in this game is relative, holding “back” is back in relation to your opponent, you’re actually either holding left or right but if your opponent is right of you then left is “back” and will block attacks.

“Crossing up” is a technique that makes it harder for you to block jumping attacks. What happens is that the opponent jumps over you and hits behind you, quickly switching sides before you can react. To the game for a brief moment what was once “back” is now “forward” because the opponent switched sides, but he does that so fast that you don’t have time to react and hold the directional pad the other way.

To block such moves you must predict that the opponent will do the cross up and hold the other way. It seems counter intuitive as if you’re blocking while holding “front” but actually the opponent is switching sides and you’re holding back.

Don’t be fooled by the game showing your player still looking forward, each character has two or three frames of animation to switch sides and the game doesn’t play this animation in this case (or else you would fail to block the attack).

To make things worse in KI there are certain moves that are like “auto cross ups”. Riptor’s Tail Flip is such a move, the Heavy version automatically does what I just explained, it jumps high enough and if done near you it will hit after switching sides, forcing you to exchange the side you use to block.

This isn’t exclusive to KI, actually holding left or right to block and the concept of cross ups are from the Street Fighter 2 days (the original SF2) and they exist for all 2D fighters that lack a dedicated button to block. To my knowledge the only 2D fighters that don’t have cross ups are from the Mortal Kombat series, since these games have a dedicated button to block that is side-agnostic the only way to attack a blocking opponent is to either throw him or use moves that counter that kind of block (low attack to block standing and overhead to block crouching).

Thanks Dancovich, your replies have been really helpful. I’m 100% sure that’s what Thunder players are doing to pressure me and I can’t blame them bc it works. I’m still unsure about the Riptor carpet flame example but I’ll definitely watch my replays when I can.

You’re welcome :wink:

Yes, Thunder has a really good jumping HP that easily crosses up and his standing front+HP (the double axe thing) is also an overhead that if timed right can almost block stun you into his command throw. Mix that with his Call of Sky (or Instinct) to cross sides and you’ll have a heck of a time blocking Thunder players.

Just keep practicing. I live in Brazil so most probably our matches would be a lag fest but after accepting @ShianoTheWyvern and @RGLOfficial invites and training a bit I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it and will be able to block better and understand why you weren’t able to block certain things.