General RAAM's Tender Moment

Dunno if it’ll be officially posted here, but to those who hasn’t seen it:


Good stuff. Thanks for posting this.

Lol at people from the forums friending the IG account during the stream.

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Thanks, much appreciated

I tried to fight IG on the Ranked part at the end…I ended up against 3 pros that were trying the same thing. Dayton J, I won a match and lost the set 1-2, ZergKiller I lost 0-2, and the 3rd one I didnt recognize but had 3 pro stars Infinity Thanos I lost 1-2.
I did better than I thought I would to be honest.

I learned a lot from the stream about Raam. Im having a lot more fun with him than I anticipated!

I tried the same thing (since I wanted to be on stream ;)), and while I didn’t fight any pros, the players I ran into were really good - and all played Raam.

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C’mon @GalacticGeek you didn’t think it was hysterical when your name popped up in the onscreen toast and all three developers said it, in unison - clearly knowing who you were? I thought that was a hoot.

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This was a good walkthrough. It was kind of cool that the character had already been out for a day or two, so they got to cut to the chase and get to some more advanced stuff. I know that isn’t the model that pleases the hype monsters but it was pretty cool for me anyhow.

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Ah man! I gotta watch this when I get home. Managed to watch the breakdown before work but the rest is patiently waiting to kick of the Raam weekend.

Scary how popular he is becoming. I always pick characters that are sort of end up being neglected or for some reason are not appealing to the majority. I was hoping RAAM would be one…but he is growing already on many people judging by the reactions.

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Yeah - I think it’s because he’s a bit of a breath of fresh air in the game. He’s remarkably different than the rest of the cast, but holds his own in the game on the back of his unique merits.

IMO the on-point sound design and voice acting has a lot to do with it as well. He’s intimidating as hell.


I didnt see that part!!! Oh man!!! LOL

Didn’t see it, I’m afraid. :neutral_face:

I just caught it, its the second name that pops up I believe. I really would’ve liked to see your Aganos versus Brando’s Raam.

Me too; I wanted to play a mad game of keep away with them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

1 frame startup on his Shadow Command grab? THAT’S INSANE! RAAM is now the schoolyard bully.

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For future reference, as I wouldn’t be able to see it (and I don’t think they stated it on the stream) what is the IG account? I’ll add it and maybe get matches in on a stream one day. :smiley: