General RAAM trailer

I honestly couldn’t care less, but here you go, peeps.

Whoa!!! Kind of odd that they couldn’t show Fulgore and Hisako stabbing someone but this guy is like legitimately stabbing you in the gut!! lol

I like how he looks! Im anxious to try him out!

Finally. They really should have shown off more, but he definitely looks great! And his theme sounds kickass!

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Love it! Found my secondary character, happy about the choice all considered.

Thanks team.


The trailer was way too short for me imho. If only Max was given more time.

Max explained that he had very little time to make the trailer, hence why they couldn’t show more.

This is effectively RAAM’s teaser, if you think about it. It’s not as in depth as a trailer, but longer than a typical teaser.


He makes me hot with all that heavy artillery on. Hard to see where skin meets and gear ends

I thought E3 would be the detailed info of shadow lords mode and the explanation of this ‘crafting’. Is this it???

What was being done all those months they delayed Kim Wu and season 3? Little time?

Reall curious as to whom the next character is-

I’m still pulling for Joanna Dark!

@anon39655210 I agree not a gasp moment but let’s hope the last character redeems

As a GeOW fan, I’M HAPPY!

So when today is the release?

So when’s my new punching bag?

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when the Microsoft e3 conference is over

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Thanks. I hope it ends soon.

Wow we have now a dog a frog a monkey AND a turtle!

Just kidding!

edit: pig/ turtle hybrid lol

potnose looks just as ugly as I’ve remember.

damnit… working @ home today so watched the entire Xbox Presentation…and just a glimpse of Raam. But I missed the trailer :stuck_out_tongue: hehehe

I think his design is terrible but I’m sure his gameplay will be interesting nevertheless.

Also Zako Kun. :sweat_smile:

1.Thanks IG you are the BEST.

2.For me guest characters are KI characters. If they had a place in the story there would be no difference.

Fulgore does have a stab his throw.