General RAAM Gameplay discussion


I’ll admit, gameplay-wise, I’m getting used to him and am acually starting to warm up to Raam overall, especially with his stomp setups and kryll damage. :slight_smile:

I have a question though - what’s a good follow-up to his charging command grab on hit? It stuns them, but then I can’t seem to do anything effective before the opponent recovers and can then block.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend trying normal grab with Arbiter in particular - he yas one of the shallowest grabs in the game. His target combo might be a good option at certain spacings. It’s got good range and hits reasonably fast, so you might be able to shut down the charge full stop before he gets to you.

At this point I’m mostly just neutral jumping it though to be honest - the strict punishes require really good reactions, and a lot of times I’m not looking for the charge.

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You can’t combo after it, but it’s +4 so your opponent is forced to block and eat another mix up/grab set up.


Standing light kick is a good one.


Good points I’ll try neutral jumping


Well they have to be fairly close to do punish them. about…I think just over half a characters length away?


I like to use his Jumping hp to cross up after or get a grab.


Crouching light kick to hit confirm, grab, command grab, over head jump cross up…take your pic…just pick the right one…oh and the upheaval move thing…QCF kick… thats another move you can do if they dont block and try to hit you.


So how exactly does his Kryll shield work? Does it absorb an infinite number of projectiles on top of one physical hit? Or do the projectiles take up the armor for the physical hit or would a physical hit take away the armor for the projectiles?


1 hit… 1 projectile…no shadow moves. I havent had much luck with it to be honest. but if you can charge it and time it right…absorb 1 hit and the punch after words staggers them and then you can attack from there. its a timing thing really.


So I was messing around with his kryll charge and how it doesn’t lose to grounded heavies like all other armor in the game, when I realized there is a small window just as his charge reaches you where he becomes vulnerable before he stuns you. He can be hit by anything at that moment if timed right.So watch for that


Kryll Shield is NOT Armor.

Armor and Kryll Shield are two different mechanics.


Good point, it really doesn’t act like armor in any way


This is wrong. It’s:
1 physical hit / infinite projectiles / no shadow moves / ignores grounded heavy normals. Vulnerable to throws during charge.

I know, because I’ve successfully charged and command-grabbed Arbiter while he shot me with his 3-round burst from the carbine rather unsuccessfully.

@SithLordEDP If you get hit by a single physical hit and then a projectile follow-up, both will be absorbed during the charge. What I said above is ALWAYS true - the only things that stop it are: a throw, a shadow move, or 2 quick physical attacks.

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Yup, as long as the kryll shield is active it can absorb an infinite amount of non shadow projectiles with one hit of psychical armor as well.

Like I said before multi hitting moves (bonus if they are airborne) will be tearing through the kryll and getting free extra damage on raam.


Breaking TJ as Raam is so annoying. Normally you can tell the difference between jabs, gut punches, and uppercuts. But because of how tall Raam is everything is a gut punch, and it’s hard to differentiate the animations because half of them clip inside Raam making them impossible to see. For some reason only TJ has this clipping issue, everyone else seems to be spaced out alright.


Raam has very obvious hitstun animations. You should break looking him, not who is hitting him


I don’t ever pay attention to hit-stun animations on my own character for the purposes of breaking, and even I noticed how obvious they looked with General Raam, interestingly enough. Oh, and while you’re right in that he can do that, he loses a huge chunk of time during his window to break by doing that since he has to wait until the active frames to break, when he could learn the opponent’s animations instead and see it coming before it even hits to prepare for the break and not risk being too late.


I’ll just leave this here. Day 2 with Raam and I got my second ever legitimate perfect in ranked. Officially maining him!


Haha, and no salt was directed towards you?