General RAAM Gameplay discussion


Just to be clear, they’re 4 frames (hit on 4th frame). This is one frame slower than Hisako’s light Influence. Shadow is indeed 1+0 startup.

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Does RAAM have any tick throws? And what are the difference between the different strengths for his command grab?


Lighter grabs go further, and leave more time and KV for follow-ups. Heavier grabs do more upfront damage.

Because of the speed of his command grabs, Raam has a bunch of tick throw setups, including off of his blocked stabbing special (medium and heavy versions). Basically, any normal or special he’s got that’s -3 or better on block can be a viable tick throw precursor, range allowing.

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Thank´s all for the tips. Seems i got carried away with the fact tha combos are the base of KI and forgot that i shold grab more and combo less. Just to answare sithlord

." Also he does have a ground grapple and armor so I’m not sure what you mean by that second to last sentence."

I was talking about the possibility to grab on the floor, i usualy call that ground grapple and what you call ground grapple i usualy call Stand grapple. :slight_smile: About the shield, i was talking about something that could make him protected for a longer time, like aganos and gargos since Raam is massive, it´s strange that he can´t endure heavy damage (just my thoughts).


OTG Grapples? Dude’s already got OTG stomps and OTG flip-out.

Think more Zangief, and less Daimon.


I have two doubts.
1- Why shadow dominance can be breaked if i execute it after a kryll rush and when i do it alone it can’t?
2- Why when i try to stomp/flipout, sometimes it do not hit or when it hits Raam and the enemy bounces in the air?


I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re saying. Perhaps a video clip would help?


about the bouncing when doing stomps.

  1. Because that probably counts as Opener-Ender which is breakable with Heavies.
  2. Two possibilities. a) if you hold forward while pressing Medium Kick, Raam does a fake stomp. b) the only reason I can think of that both players would “bounce” in the air is if you got broken. If only the other player “bounces”, you may have used the light stomp flip-out.

Well, medium stomps are supposed to bounce the opponent off the ground.

And wth the shadow dominance thing, are you doing opener-ender or something?


It seems to be a counter breaker when stomping… maybe i’m doing it by muscular memory when doing stomps. :joy:


Hey all,

This is kind of a long story, so either bear with me to understand my problem, or just scroll midway to jump to the heart of the matter…I will be venting a bit.

Ok, purchased ki seasons 1 &2 last summer when it was on sale, but had no internet. Bought season three recently when I finally got back online suffice to say, I’m a bit behind the usual ki player that has been playing this for the last 3 years. That’s cool, it happens.

I started off with Saberwulf (love the character) and Jago, but finally got my hands on Raam, and I love this guy! But…dealing with some of the players online is a pain. You know, the smart Alecs who have, oh say, tusk on their player Card, but immediately switch to Shago or Cinder when they see you’re Using Raam, just so they can get an easy win (fortunately, It isn’t always easy or a victory for them). Or the Gargos. Players who want to keep flying around!

Anyway, I guess I could use some help/advice on how to get better with him. It seems like they severely limited his abilities. Decent players can avoid the rush; too far They jump over, too close they grab you out of it. His linkers are so predictable that he can be broken somewhat easily before you can get a good combo off. The stab n stomp often works for me (though some will tell you that’s not a combo, lol), but it can be broken too- well I suppose that should be expected.

My biggest problem however is reading my opponents’ attacks. Often in the middle of a combo, I can’t tell if they’re hitting medium or hard so I can counter.

I know I probably seem like I’m. Rambling at this pointn but I’m. Beginnig to feel overwhelmed here. I was doing ok for a while…now not so much… Btw, my biggest problem characters are, Shago, cinder Sako fulgore and Eyedol. And depending on the player, Gargos Can you I get some help herem thanks


Fulgore, cinder, shago and eyedol are usually a pain to fight against using RAAM, you will need a lot more patience to find an opening on their attacks and do the maximum damage you can when reach them and Gargos is even worse because even being patient the chances of winning are very low.

About kryll rush, heavy version (imo) is too unsafe, try to use light ones against enemies jumping forward that will hit you in the front and medium against fireballs where you can anticipate the enemy move.

RAAM’s combos are very easy to e countered so try to use it in your favor, if you see that the enemy counters every combo you try to do, use counter breaker and unload everything you have on him. Make it count. Also keep in mind that you may use enders to interrupt your combo and capitalize a 30% combo, put kryll on the enemy or push him against a corner where you will have an advantage. You can also use counter breaker on stomps, so, if the enemy is combo breaking you as soon as you flip out him or stomp his face, counter break him and make him suffer.

About reading your opponents moves, this requires practice. But keep in mind that you need to look for some movements only, you do not need to read the entire combo every time look for one movement that you know for sure if it is a heavy, medium, or light and counter it. And don’t forget that, if you counter too much you increase the risk in fall for a counter breaker bait.


Conditioning and instinct are you BEST friends as RAAM. Utilize his command grabs and kryll to make the most of your damage.

If you want to practice, I can show you some of the tools I picked up while playing RAAM.

Just add me and shoot me a message when you see me on Xbox, oTiger Spirit

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Thanks guys. Don’t. Get me wrong I love the game, I even love Raam, but sometimes it becomes a pain playing as him

I get that he’s based off of the grappler archetype , but even Gief Can power line an enemy out of the air, and to be fair,there aren’t very many speedy characters in sf. But this game seems to be built for the ultra swift.

Tiger spirit, I’ll Add you shortly. Thanks for the invite. I’ll be AMITYPREDATOR75

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you love ga-men? lol


I totally agree with this, so I’m still looking for some adjustments to make RAAM more competitive when compared to others in the cast, but until something like this happens we need to use the tools we have in hands.


Yeah…the comma is mapped to “n” so sometimes when I want the comma, I’ll get an “n”

Anywayn yeah, I’m hoping thaley add some thing to the General’s current arsenal. Or just beef it up a bit. He’s. Pretty awesome as he is, he just need s a little something extra, I feel. It’s kind of cool to snatch a Jago off the ground and stomp him after. He’s been tripping you u. And leaping all over the place :stuck_out_tongue:


i had a lot of fun leveling Raam to 50, but I havent really touched him since. I think he needs something a little bit better to get across the screen and through projectiles. I think the solution is let 1 of the Kryll rush moves start a combo instead of a grab into advantage.

Maybe the shadow version only starts a combo? That would be a nice addition IMO


I’m afraid to say but that’s the nature of the beast typically when someone sees RAAM on your player card. I think at a higher level RAAM is going to be more so a counter pick than someone who is going to be used throughout a tournament. But patience is a virtue when using RAAM and if you find the right spot it’s going to pay off immensely. You just have to make your opportunities count when you finally get in on someone.

There is lots of good advice from the posters above. I agree with everything that has been said.