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When did that start? Is that the new Pro league that was released recently?


No the new one is the KI Ultra Tour, the Pro League has been going on since S3 Launch. It’s basically just the 8-bit beatdown with a different name on the off weeks.


Haven’t tested this but do you think the shield on wake up could work? One melee hit and projectiles for free afterall.


Did you post a link or is there a thread with the links and discussion?


So far, I have been losing the match up game BADLY with RAAM. I fought @BHswordsman09 and he knew that if he could keep me out, victory was assured. He then beat me 2-0 because I couldn’t figure out how to get past his pyrobomb zoning.

Basically, I am finding that RAAM has the hardest time getting in out of anyone in the entire cast. My problem is that I have not been playing patiently at all. I have been trying to use dash canceled Kryll shield to circumvent the keep away, but to little effectiveness. He is still a ton of fun, you just have to work your butt of to get in.


I get frustrated with someone playing a runaway game, no matter who I am actually playing. In my mind, it’s not a matter of being upset with someone for using the tools they have, but that constantly staying full screen and trying to projectile your way to victory doesn’t seem like it’s really fun for EITHER side.

To me, the combo game and mixups in KI are so good, so much fun to do, and so much fun to watch that watching someone jump-back-fireball all match is just annoying. Use your tools, fine, but I think at some point doing nothing but run away has to take away some of the KI magic even for the zoner, right?

For example; most of the Glacius players I fight do a pretty good mix of zoning with Shatter and Hail and in close fighting with Puddle Punch and Cold Shoulder, and to me that is fun to fight against, and not just as RAAM. When I come up against one who is spending the whole game jumping back, HK or MK in the air to cover space (I know it’s a hit-able limb) and using Hail and Shatter, only to Liquidize/cross up to get out of the corner and run the other way, it’s not really that much fun even if I’ve got the life lead.

I think RAAM has to play some mind games against zoning. Emergence destroys projectiles, too, not just Kryll Rush. Using different strengths of Kryll Rush can also confuse the opponent or disrupt their jumping/projectile timing. Both of his jumping Heavy normals are great and cover a good amount of screen space. I agree with @STORM179 in that RAAM has to work his way in and then make the opponent pay. I think he has decent tools to do so, but they require a different approach than TJ’s roll or Hisako’s dash, for example.


It makes absolutely no sense for a small weak character like Omen or Cinder to stand toe to toe with Thunder. You will loose every time.

The thing is what is your definition of running away…I defintiley dont run away…you have seen that first hand.

there is a difference in spamming fireballs with no break in between and using your tools to win the match. In my experience above…the guy just got his ■■■ handed to him. BTW- he died via combo and ultra…so its not like he was fire balled to death.

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That’s my point though. Putting some fireballs out to set yourself up is perfectly fine, like how you use them to cover a slide or a flying kick with Omen.

Spending all of your time running away from one corner to the other and using nothing else except projectiles is what annoys me. It’s a legitimate way to win (or there would be something which would stop that from being possible, like Arbiter’s carbine ammo) but I don’t like it.


Using a character’s tools or no, you really shouldn’t be surprised to find that people don’t like having to chase a character down repeatedly and ad-nauseum, dodging nonsense the whole way. I might not begrudge hardcore zoning, but I sure as hell don’t find it enjoyable to fight against. It’s simply not fun. And I say that while maining a character who actually does ok in getting in on most zoners.

As @Sasuke99I could tell you, I generally do reasonably well in chasing down runaway. But he could also tell you that much cursing and complaining accompanies it (sorry again for that :sweat:). It’s not that I don’t like Sasuke (I do!) or that I don’t respect his play (I do!), but I just personally find hardcore zoning to be incredibly frustrating to deal with. A lot of people do - it’s actually a core component of the zoning archetype. They’re supposed to be annoying to play against, because they specialize in punishing people who make bad approaches, and are set up to encourage those sorts of bad approaches.

If I, with a character who can navigate zoning and who is decently good at the game, despise fighting serious zoning, how much more the guy who plays semi-casually who really just wants to curb-stomp some fools with the big bad from Gears of War 1? And Omen is sickeningly mobile to be honest, and is one of the harder zoners in the game to pin down thanks to his multi-air dash capabilities in S3. Even Hisako can’t really catch him anymore…fighting him with Raam is probably incredibly frustrating. I’m not saying you deserve curses or hate for playing optimally in the MU, but I don’t think you should be surprised by people being annoyed by it either.


Pretty much what I was getting at, minus specific Omen notes, since I haven’t dealt with much of that myself.


If you say so… but again, I wasnt running away, that’s the point… the guy was just bitching becasue I would come to him as he was turtling. why would I fall into that trap? I dont need to be un-suprised or whatever…whats not fun is every online match against a stranger turns in to a childish confrontation lately of whining becasue they cant win their way.

If im toe to toe with a grapple and I get hit…im definitely not complaining about it.

So to repeat…I never said I was running away…he said that because he got his ■■■ kicked trying to bait me to come to him as he just sat there thinking I would come in and make a mistake…uh no thanks


They seriously need to fix the ultra cancel window when you have meter. Seven times I’ve lost matches today because I input ultra and got the stupid kryll shield cancel! Seven times!! And I know you’re supposed to wait until the fifth hit, I get it out right occasionally, but it’s too damn strict!


Poor footsie gamea. Lol no. His focus attack is great for footsies.

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101% combo in a ranked match. Instinct is OP!


Has anyone noticed you have to hold forward to frame trap into another If you try to keep someone trapped with > > it won’t work. Raam seems to have extra recovery if he tries this and it prevents him from remaining + on block, he ends up at like -4 instead. But if you hold forward it does work.


Helo there, after playing Raam for almost two weeks i must say that with Raam i had good times with Raam, until i got to golden on ranked. After that it became impossible to win with Raam.

1- It´s nearly impossible to not be countered since his combos are very predictable,
2- Raam is a sitting duck againt any long range fighter and some especific zooming, and barelly a match for anyone that have an easy time keeping distance. (Sadira, fulgore, glacius, maya, kan ha, shadow jago etc)

I don´t know what to do to counter these, without any ranged attack to force people to come closer nor something safe to put me closer to them.

Kryll Rush is easy to avoid
Decimation is unsafe on block and easy to be avoided
Emergency is so slow that cannot be used to counter something if you got put down.
And as the last thing, how the hell someone as the size of raam do not have counter air grapple, ground grappe, and some heavy shield? Just look at grundy in injustice then you will see what tools a real grappler must have.

If someone have some serious tips on how to solve all these problems, i will apreciate them.


“solve all these problems”? Tall order you got there bro, lol

I don’t play Raam, but I would approach this just like any other character.

  • what normals are and how/when to use.
  • When are times I can sneak in a reset.
  • how to minimize break opportunity or make it harder to break.
  • Steal tech from other people, watch Vids!!! Here is killer ranked

Raam is a true grappler archetype . Like Gief, they require a strong understand of the game to excel. While they can create nightmare for some of the cast, they have issues when facing others like zoners (Dhalsim) or hybrid (Seth).


Its part of the struggle of a grappler. You shouldn’t be doing long combos like the rest of the cast. I see you haven’t mentioned his dash cancel, try incorporating that into your game more. Walk them to the corner and bully them with command grabs and frame traps.

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Don’t got for long combos. Go for short combos and just put kryll on someone with the hard knockdown or advantage enders and then proceed to pressure them and grab them. People will lose their health so fast when you land grabs while the kryll are eating away at them.

Just walk and block. Raam requires the ultimate patience against zoning. It’ll feel like you’re not making any progress for half the match but once you walk them down to the corner they’re mostly screwed. They either have to try and escape giving Raam the opportunity to land a hit, or they’ll start turtling up in the corner letting Raam pressure them freely. Also don’t get frustrated if you take a huge life loss trying to walk people down, Raam can easily land 70%-100% combos with his instinct so even if you lose most of your health bar to zoning you only need to touch someone once to even the match out.

It’s useful to catch people doing something, especially characters with longer range pokes than you since they’ll press the button long before you enter your vulnerable window before the grab connects letting you absorb it safely.

Only the light is unsafe. Medium is -3 and Heavy is -1 so they’re safe a few exceptions. But the real strength of the medium and heavy versions comes from being able to command grab your opponent faster than they can attempt to punish you. Raam’s shadow grab is 1 frame meaning that even at -3 your grab will connect first, and Raam’s regular grabs are 3 frames meaning that even at -1 you’ll still grab your opponent faster than they can hit you. Heavy decimation into command grab will work most of the time. Maybe it’s because Raam is still new-ish but so far only a few people that I’ve run into have consistently avoided this.

Yes it can. The slowness works in your favor most of the time since you stay invincible for longer and the hitbox lingers longer than people think. I’ve had plenty of people bait it out, wait until it’s over, then try to hit me only to still get hit by emergence because of how slow it is and how long it lasts.

He may not have an air grapple but his cr.hp is probably one of the best anti-airs in the game, plus you can cancel it into emergence and put kryll on people as well as get a knockdown so even if he did have an anti-air grab it would probably go underused. Also he does have a ground grapple and armor so I’m not sure what you mean by that second to last sentence.


Sir, you have my respect!