Gears of War 4 - Tomorrow (Trailer)

The feels


Can’t wait; the beta is going to pull so much of my time away from KI and Dark Souls 3 lol

next week we play the beta, can’t wait.
Nice trailer.
i hope there’s a seriously 4.0 achievement. :wink:

What time next week is the beta?

Nothing beats the original “Mad World” trailer, but I’ve got to hand it to them. Gears as a franchise has some of the best trailers in gaming.

April 18th and October 11th…

My body is ready.


This needs to be possible, without the bra though. lol

How the heck do you get to play the beta? :open_mouth:

If you own and have played Gears Of War Ultimate Edition (the XOne remake) you will get access starting on 4/18. If not, the open beta starts on 4/25. Both betas end on 5/1.

They just showed off an execution of one of the new weapons:

All I can say is: