Gears 4 feb maps

so the new feb maps are: IMPACT DARK and WAR MACHINE.
first i thought this was a joke. but its true. :neutral_face:
impact dark is a gears 4 launch map, but now in the dark.
War machine is another gears 1 map.
this is very dissapointing to me.
I was hoping with the season pass we get new maps but noooo.
I can only hope for the future but as for now gears 4 is a let down.
its sad it came to this…

Gears 4 is just boring. I want to see where are those streamers that said this game was better than GoW3, they probably stopped playing it by now. I thought this game was going to be my main game the noment it was out but I’m back to KI as a main game (despite liking it ,having a fighter as main game stress me in some way because a fighter demands a different work and focus).

The last maps were ok, we know them and they are nicely done. However GoW3 maps work great for THAT game. I don’t mind Gow4 having its own maps. Why would I like Mercy for a gnasher battle that are so boring to play in this version? Evading sucks in this game and playing kamikazee/Rambo is really bad idea. You can outsmart someone but controls are dumbed down to a point you won’t be able to do much in a CQC battle vs 2+ (unless they are really amateur and they may kill you with core tunning or maybe because your movement is godlike plus some sponging happening).

Also Gears again relies a LOT on connection. The game running so smooth is lovely but it tricks you a lot and you think you aren’t lagging but you are. So you get this situation where a guy just walk / run into you and you aim almost putting the shotgun in their mouths and they WON’T DIE!!.
The guys with good connection blame the ones with not good connections while the laggers get destroyed by people playing in “real time” (please, I’ve played with high ping and there’s really not much you can do against someone playing in real time and moving hyper accelerated un this game. If they don’t believe me go and play over 200+ MS , it’s a bad experience, specially versus GOOD players, when you are just doomed). I think the better the ping is like being the host, but until 50 ms you can play ok.

Forget about a competitive scene in South America. They only thought about mexican players (who would even choose US servers in GBs because they work for them but we ,far away, lag a hell). If at least South America was able to manualy choose they own server for GBs but…Not even that. That doesn’t help the competitive scene to grow. However I don’t care much since I’m out of it and just play the game to have fun.
The only problem is: I’m not having fun =|

This along with some unfairness of the gaming experience (for me or for the player on the other side) made me start leaving the game and not caring. I love the saga and I may play once in a while but I’m not even close to the passion I used to feel for it.

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Eh. I only play and enjoy Horde mode. I can’t help but feel slightly bad for the folks that bought the Season Pass because that feels like a rip-off to me.

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Ah the dark map. I seriously need to know how that meeting went.

“Ok guys, we need new map ideas.”
“How about, we take one of the already existing maps… but make it night time???”

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it is really sad how TC threats there community with that season pass. its really a rip of.
So dissapointed.
promisses new maps with the season pass. OMG.
Don’t know exactly but what do we have; 2 new maps and 6 remakes? and 1 remake in the Original maps???
this is … :disappointed:

I’m not philosophically opposed to season passes, but the Gears 4 one didn’t make much sense to me. You get to keep maps you already have for private server play while new maps rotate in for everyone on public servers. Huh?

I play for the coop campaign and have been known to enjoy Horde mode in the past. I haven’t tried it yet for Gears 4…

Horde is probably the only GREAT thing about this installment. Campaign was good, but nothing we aren’t accustomed to by now.

As for the Season Pass, it was almost worthless until the Series 2 packs were given to all pass owners, assuming this is the trend, than maybe not all that bad. Still, the whole map fiasco was bogus.

As a whole, this Gears was utterly disappointing. MS certainly forced their hand on MTs just like Halo 5 did. I think I’m going to pass up the next installment for sure.