Gargos's default stage?

I thought it would be fun to speculate on what his stage will be when we fight him in Shadow Survival or offline survival. We know Rash got Kan-Ra’s stage, and Mira uses Jago’s…so what stage do you think Gargos will be assigned to in those modes?

I would place my bets Kan-Ra’s stage or Shadow Tiger’s lair because it was implied Gargos comes to Earth via the portal Ra opened or Shadow Tiger’s lair because Gargos has a connection to Omen, Shadow Jago and the whole shadow theme.

Why not ask someone who already has access to him. They can answer the question for you. :wink:


I’d have to put my money on ARIA’s stage due to the ending of Season 2.

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Oh yeah, I didn’t think about that :laughing:

@CStyles45 @xSkeletalx @rukizzel

Shadow Tiger’s Lair, or regular Tiger’s Lair; I’d have to go back and check, but it’s one of the two.

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