Gargos Ultra

Hey. For Gargos’ Ultra can you give him the KI theme as the beat.


Dunno about that. Hmmm. Well he IS gonna be the boss… hmmm.

It’d have to be like… hit, hit, hit-hit, hit-hit, hit-hit, hit. (Pause for laugh?) Hit, hit, hit-hit, hit-hit-hit, hit-hit. (Pause again…) BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BA-BAM!

Hahaha, they could implement it well, or… worst case scenario, they turn the game into musical chairs chime-fest.

Eh I don’t think it matters, it’s the same concept as all other Ultras- rapid punch and kicks. So personally I don’t care what is Ultra is gonna be like.

So that being said, I say hope ya get your wish.

That would be really cool actually lol

I just hope they give him a really haunting, demonic, ungodly theme.

i just imagined it, and dear god i want it to happen

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Yeah, that new music guy that thinks he can do better than the GOD who did K.I. 1 and K.I. 2 themes… yeah if he even touches Gargos theme… I don’t know what i’m going to do!

Thing is, Gargos theme grew on me late on in life, because the last boss was always so rare, and quick to die, and unselectable in 2 players…

But Gargos theme is Killer!

Complain on the internet? :3

Odds are Gargos will have a more demonic version of Omen’s ultra. Which would still be pretty cool.


That came to me like instantly… hahaha, how they would fit the hits in with the pauses in the original K.I. theme? Epic.

No. Provide positive feedback on the forums. You think… wrongly, hahaha.

And we were talking about his theme, stage music.

My guess is that his is the inverse of ARIA’s. A fast paced Ultra that becomes reallllly slow as he lands the last few hits.

Damn, his ultra is going to be sick with those minions involved! I can see it now.