Gargos' trailer release date?

It’s May. But when will Gargos’ trailer be shown?

Stay tuned. It just became May so we must have patience.

I wonder if Gargos is far enough along for them to target an earlier release this month? If it were me, I’d want something to show for next month’s thing at E3.

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You need to learn some patience and take pretty much every previous character release month as an example that we will get the trailer near the character’s release, likely around the end of the month.

We don’t need to annoy the devs with lore and trailer demands every single month.

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Gargos’ trailer will be shown in May. I can promise you it won’t be shown before May 4th, rather some time after. I would even wager that Gargos’ trailer would come after his proper tease, which I hear is still being worked on and hopefully delivered at some point next week.


Likely gonna get him at the of the month as usual doubt they’d release him early bro it’d be awesome if they did though.

I’d say his trailer will come around the 20th or so, then possibly his release on the 27th, thats just my guess

Any news about Gargos’ trailer yet before the release?

Just give us the trailer already!!!




Annnd still no trailer…

Anyone know what the deal is?

It’s been stated the trailer for Gargos would come out sometime after Gargos is released.

So anytime after May 27

Where was that stated?

Wow… Thanks

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Trailers now coming out after characters… Okay.


ok lets be honest and not so entitled for a sec…you’ve literally seen everything about him, entire moveset, animations, intro/outro, Ultra, and music, and its been confirmed to not have a tease anyway sooo…why so serious? what do you need to see that you already havent? “oh no his trailer thats gonna have everything ive already seen in great detail isnt out yet”


anyway, ignore me, had a long, ■■■■■■ day at work, but thats my opinion on the matter

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Always there can be something more

Well the only thing I can think of that a trailer can bring now is some dialogue. That’s really about it.