Gargos' return for season 3

Wonder if they’ll do something about Gargos if Eyedol doesn’t return anyway.

Hope they can do something about it. I mean, in MK, look at Goro & Kintaro.

Gargos is coming back, thats the entire plot for season 3.
I’m praying that Eyedol comes back too.


Good point.

But what about revamping his moveset? They gotta do something about it!

That includes his story.

They gotta think “Disney’s Gargoyles - Goliath”!


I’m sure his moveset will be completely reworked, before he really didn’t have many moves at all.

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They will, look at the characters IG made from scratch - i have 100% faith theyll create a moveset to do him justice whilst avoiding just making him cheap like so many other fighting games out there.

I hope gargos doesn’t come back this season and he sends a legion of different minions before showing up in season 4 maybe even with his new no.2 in command eyedol.
More heros and villains before the final fight

Gargos and Eyedol are fierce rivals though. He likely will be in alongside some added vassals (like Omen and Shadow Jago). ARIA again basically lol.


Because I want them to build it up. He’s just opened the portals all over earth. Like any general he’ll send his underlings to clear a path for his arrival.
Gargos couldve already conquered eyedol and forces him to do his work. Leading up for a mutiny in the final act that helps the heros turn the tables on him.

Build it up? Most of season 2 was about building it up…

Even though Adam said he wasn’t likely to come back in the interview, he’s in no matter what. Don’t know why he’d say that since he’s the main antagonist for S3. But Eyedol won’t be in S3, I think the interview gave certainty that he won’t (even if Adam said that he couldn’t tell you about him.)

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I’m aware of that, it seemed weird though that he included Gargos as well as Eyedol to not likely return is what I was saying.

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allthough I wouldn’t mind seeing how IG would improve Eyedol if IG and MS said to me" We only have room for Eyedol or Gargos from the original KI franchise, who would you like to see in S3?" I’d pick Gargos in a heartbeat.

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I think Adam and the MS team just don’t like him and are making excuses not to include him. If they could vastly improve Maya, they could vastly improve Eyedol.

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Aganos vs Eyedol! Cool Rivalry.

Its not a case of not liking him but finding a way to bring him back which do both KI and him justice. Theyre again adding him just for the sake of adding him, that much is obvious but it eill feel sad to not see Eyedol yet have Rash in S3 lol.