Gargos regenerates full health after beating him

I So I made my way through challenging, defeating all 4 omens first, but Gargos still has something called the heart of Gargos. Every time I beat gargos, his red health bar fills all the way back up. I beat him with each of the 3 characters I had, but his health refilled and eventually killed all 3 of my characters resulting in a game over. How the hell are you supposed to defeat him ??? I thought since I beat all 4 omens that he wouldn’t have any buffs other than shadow lord. How the hell are you supposed to defeat him when his health bar refills every time you do ??? I just want to unlock this astral plane stage that I already had unlocked before. This is ridiculous and really leaving a bad taste in my mouth.


You’re supposed to Ultra him.

He can refill his life bar once per character, and only if he has over half instinct.

You can knock him out of it with a heavy while his health is coming back to stop it from regenerating, so he’ll only gain like 35%.

The heart of gargos regenerates his health mid match, he has the resurrection even if he doesn’t have the heart. He’ll resurrect once per character, so if you beat him with char 1, he resurrects, kills you, then he’ll ressurect the next character too, but he only resurrects once per fight (intro to outro, he’ll have one ressurection).

As for the buffs, there’s actually 5 omens, but you can only fight 4, so he’ll always have shadow lord + another of his 10 buffs.

When he gets ressurects if you’re close enough hit him with a grounded heavy attack and it’ll knock his red life bar down to about half.
I wish I could tell you what the trigger for his ressurection is, but I honestly don’t know. I was told 50% instinct meter, but I’ve had him do it with no meter.
One thing I’ve noticed that you might want to try is use your first guy to do as much damage as possible, at least down to red. On your second guy (maybe still first if you’re doing enough damage) put him into danger & keep him there (as best as you can), but don’t kill him. On your third hit him a couple of times, wait for the ressurect, do what I said above, and then finish him off. At the very least you should only have to deal with the resurrect one time that way instead of multiple. But just keep in mind if you try to go all out when your health is low it’s likely he’ll resurrect on you when you have low health, and the the next guy will have to deal with possibly 2 full life bars. Don’t give Gargos the satisfaction.

Alright thanks guys. A lot of valuable information.

I saw earlier that someone said that they’re going to make challenging or all difficulties a little more manageable; I can’t remember which one it was. Does anyone know if that’s true or not ?

That patch already came in a few days ago. It was a server side change so you didn’t have to install anything to get it.

Oh wow lol.

My issue is I can’t seem to get to him with my whole team intact lol

Like if I sit around and fight everything to draw out turns and take out all the Omen’s a lose a character or 2 (or have a weakened team) by the time I get to him and get rekt

I had that problem at first but then i started buying the healing pack which is super cheap. You get a lot of the things that revive a dead character with 100% health and also things that heal characters that are just hurt all the way back to the 100% health. I’ve never lost a character since I started buying those.

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It’s still just ridiculously hard thought. I can’t even imagine someone beating gargos on godlike. I’ve really been raging hard at this game the past few days. Been making me have ill feelings towards the game as a whole, which I know is unfair.

Twice bro. Twice. One with all buffs.

Just imagine.


Sadly he’s supposed to do that.

If he’s got more than 50% instinct he gets a free life bar.

That’s not the trigger. I don’t know what is but he’s resurrected on me with 0% instinct.

Apparently its supposed to be 50% or more.

It’s 50%. Once I ultra’d him and as soon as he hit 50% instinct (not sure why he was gaining it during my ultra but whatevs) the ultra ender triggered and he got up.

Hmm…maybe when he did it to me it was a bug then…

Quick question…do SL matches save in replay? I’d check myself, but I’m at work currently.

Yes they do.

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What sucks though is doing a basic combo of only a few hits gives him half a bar of instinct.

I’ve had times where he has ZERO instinct and almost no health, I start a combo and just by hitting him what feels like three or four times he gains half a bar and resurrects…