Gargos patch killed my performance score

Before the Gargos patch, I was perfectly able to play online in ranked mode because my setup scored a flat 1000 on the test.
After the patch, the game forced me to rerun the test and with the EXACT SAME SETTINGS, I scored a ■■■■■■ 888 and can’t play ranked anymore.
What the hell was changed to cause such a drastic difference? I just spent a whole month grinding from bronze to low-gold and now I can’t play anymore :frowning:

Nobody has any idea what might have happened?

Hey Sage, trying copying this and posting it in the Glitch thread. Devs will more likely see that there. Sorry you’re having issues.

on a side note, if your gpu is nvidia then there’s a recent update that released a few days ago. Update if you’re on the old drivers, If you already installed them, check your nvidia panel settings to verify they haven’t changed. Could be that as well as game optimization related.

Yeah you’re right. I updated my nvidia drivers the day Total Warhammer came out because the game said I needed to.
I guess this means I have to choose which I want to play more, eh…