Gargo's Outro

The next of the Twitter teases. A little lengthy but…BEST OUTRO YET!!


Redundant thread…

I don’t think so. It lets us dissect the outro only, instead of talking about Gargos in general.


Best Outro Ever.


I agree. I might main him on that Outro alone. That is the coolest outro for A boss I have ever seen in a fighting game.

Good job MS/IG.

Greatest boss ever.


That is no where as lengthy as Arbiters! I actually felt is was somewhat short!

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So the image in the portal is supposed to be the astral plane then?

Too. effing. cool.

He reminds me of Oryx from Taken King.

Voice is better than Aria too

Yeah, right. Like he was rushing to cross his arms. Still epic stuff.


His face reminds me of spawn.

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Me after witnessing Gargos’s outro…

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In all honesty, since there are 3 “big” characters in the game that forces the camera to zoom out to some degree to adequately capture them, I’m interested in trying to play one fairly consistently. Arbiter has been a little difficult for me to pick up, but Gargos reminds me a little of Dormammu in MvC 3 so far with some of his stuff they’ve shown off so far, and Dormammu is my favorite character to use in the game. If he’s anything like that character, I’m looking forward to trying him out.

Man, Gargos’ outro is on a different level. Characters like Thunder and Arbiter say something and walk forward and Gargos gets THAT. Amazing work for a boss that deserves it.

If I had to rank my top five I’d say

1 Gargos
2 Fulgore
3 Aganos
4 Sadira
5 Kan Ra

Top 5 outros?

Kim Wu

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Yuk spawn has maggots?

Just curious, have they shown his intro yet? I’m curious to if they went with the Superman 2 “Bow to your Zod” approach

YASSS. This is looking amazing.

Poor gargos wings got busted… something ravaged him lol :neutral_face:

Looks awesome! Love the colours

This bit reminded me a bit of jeepers creepers.

Boom! Have it! Lol. But what’s going on with the coast line? Did the beaches just get much bigger :smile::wink:

BOSS! Eyes for me could have been scarier. Maybe had a few layers to them. :blush: he looks really good tho.


Season 3 trend alert


Don’t let the second post in this thread kill the vibe!! Keep the hype coming. It’s probably posted by a UT agent anyway.