Gargos not appearing in game

I have the supreme addition for KI on PC but neither Gargos or his theme are available. Not sure if maybe my game isn’t updating for some reason but I’ve reset the game and my computer with no luck.

Same problem here, the update doesn’t seems to be recognized which leeds to the game running on the old version. Yet the ranked still seems to be fully fonctional but only allow matches with other owner of previous version (I guess). (curently running on version 3.1.310.1.241230.r if that may help anyone)

Alright, problem solved, if for some reason it still didn’t download on pc, go to the xbox menu which can be access by pressing the home button on your controler, then go to the “my game” menu, right click on killer instinct then “go to the store” or whatever it is called in english, then press that upload game button that should be behind the logo of the game.

That didn’t work for me so I basically went directly to the windows store menu and searched for KI. Then I manually updated it from there.