Gargos' music theme making?

When will we see another video of Celldweller & Atlas Plug on how they remade Gargos’ theme?


I doubt it’ll be anytime soon.
Song was good but it just doesn’t have anything special going for it that’s video worthy like everyone prior. It sounded like straight rock/metal with misc horror-themed sound bits in between.

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Yeah I agree it’s okay, not one of my favorites of S3.

I didn’t sound “Notre Dame” to me. It doesn’t ring.

I agree that it isn’t my favorite from this season, but I still play it everytime I play Gargos.

The standout track is Chinatown Brawl, largely because of the hook & bridge robin beanland composed in 1995…

all the others are more of the same, less epic than mick Gordon godlike compositions

I would be happy with the ki2 Gargos theme alone!!!

What if the theme we have for him is only for playable gargos and when SL Gargos comes out he’ll have a different one, if not then I’m fine with the current as is.

Yeah it’s weird we haven’t gotten it by now, I wonder if someone forgot or there’s something holding them back.

I know how it was made:
They listened to the original, messed around for 15 minutes with an electric guitar, and made a song out of it; voila.

To be quite frank, gargos theme is probably the most forgettably unremarkable one. I’m sure I’ve listened to it about a hundred times by now and i have no idea how it goes