Gargos Moveset Speculation

Based on his KI2 moveset I’m guessing fireballs/air fireballs, flightmode, maybe a teleport? What do you guys think?

I can tell theres gonna be a lot of air command grabs in his move set.

An air-dash grab would be sick lol just completely shut down anybody jumping around the screen all the time (Looking at you Sadira and Cinder)


I’m just gonna say this now Gargos will be OP.

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He will probably have similar air mobility to Omen. Thats all I can really guess right now.

Air mobility would be nice.

Maybe he’ll alter his body to stone as a defense.

Will his gameplay be something like Shao Kahn, Onaga & M. Bison?


Really hoping he has true multi directional flight, as opposed to Omen’s glide and Aria’s hover. I just wanna see him fly around the screen. Also he must have the claw swipe from ki2 as a dp return in his moveset. I wonder if he won’t have linkers like in ki2…that’ll be a strange combo trait.

If he has a flight mode they should look how Painwheel was implemented in Skullgirls. Basically there’s a height restriction so she can’t be untouchable.

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