Gargos Mirror Match - FT5 vs TDB KI4Life

Sorry for not including the first 2 matches, forgot to record. Regardless, wanted to share this with everyone so you have some Early Access footage of what the Mirror Match is like!



I have noticed in all the Gargos matches that I have seen so far, that no one is using the minions specials. Is that just because of the pure chaos that’s going on and too much to think about, a case of just having to get used to the character more or are they just not worth it? Or maybe there is a different reason?

I would imagine it’s a familiarity case. Getting used to summoning and incorporating them usefully is probably going to take some time.

I believe its a case of just having to get used to the character more. im sure that are good moves if you use it right because one is a low and the other is an overhead.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Just wanted to know the reasons if any, from the people that have been playing him.

Thanks for sharing.

I really like the character fight style.
Looks there is sime interesting stuff to do.