Gargos Matchup Guide

If you play against Gargos online it won’t take you that long to realize he is really good. So much so that I can’t beat anyone using him consistently at all so if any of you have any tips or tricks for character specific match ups(I play Maya and Cinder) or just general ones that would be insanely helpful because I am just lost.

If the character doesn’t have a reversal,do the hop medium punch mixed up wth the command grab. Profit. They die.

I’m not being gargos I am looking for tips to beat him

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If you got good mid-range use it against him. Anti-Air if he comes from the sky. ALSO if he puts on stone skin. Get your favorite standing Heavy Normal out and BEAT THE EVER LIVIN’ ■■■■ OUT OF HIM!

Sorry that feels so damn good lol.

I’ve learned as Gargos never use stone skin unless you’re out of your opponent’s reach. Cause a standing Heavy normal will open you up.

On knockdown stone flesh is pretty good. Essentially noone can reversal him because they will just get stuffed out by the armor which leads to free attacks.

All it takes is a c.HK if Gargos is using stoneskin in instinct up close since it knocks him down. On wakeup, you can do it over and over again, and there’s nothing Gargos can do about it. If he attempts a move, he’ll get knocked down; if he attempts to jump, he’ll get knocked down during the pre-jump frames; we already know he can’t block or dash either - his only recourse is to explode the stoneskin, which is what you want, because it wastes his instinct and makes him absolutely predictable, which means you can react to his explosion accordingly and punish, since he’ll no longer have the stoneskin.


This is a time where using Heavy reckoning can work. I think it’s part of the reason why he can gain instinct through devouring his minions. It’s not a very defensive instinct.

Doesn’t matter he’s up and you’re not. But now YOU can’t reversal properly because the armor absorbs everything leaving you free for punishment if you so try to attack back.

Since it’s invincible on startup, you’re absolutely correct - he can. However, it doesn’t really lead into any direct combo opportunities for Gargos, so…

I find it funny that you edited your post that was before my reply to answer my reply - makes the forum kind of backwards and confusing. :stuck_out_tongue:

But, yes, it does create mixup potential for the shadow lord. If he tries to attack you, you can simply block. If you think he’ll try to command grab you, simply back-dash. It may be in his favor, but you still have options.

Everyone has options. You still have to react within a small period of time and pick the right option. The fact his stoneflesh says “go ahead reversal me, see what happens” he’s already go your reversal halted or at least hesitant. Now he can scope out a backdash or block or jump. Two of those options he can cover with meaties.

Now what I mean?

The beauty of this whole discussion, even though I admit that you’re probably right (again - stop doing that, dangit!), is that most players aren’t going to pick up on said options, simply because they haven’t gained the skills or knowledge necessary to do them, which means the c.HK will almost always work on most players. Furthermore, and I’ve asked @Sasuke99I about this, many characters can recover from their whiffed sweep during the invincible startup and block in time, since the invincible move has 43 frames of startup.

Well he’s been out for 2 days. I’d give it some more time. I mean if nothing else he breaks the stoneflesh. That’s still good for him since that puts him at range. That and depending on when he break the stone he could still have 1/4 of his instinct left over. Which at a distance can summon 2 minions and devour them both and have full instinct again.

It takes 3 minions to gain full instinct. From empty to full. So essentially 3 bars of shadow meter.

I love all the advice that you guys have give I got the stoneskin part down but the problem I have in every match is I can’t get in. I have used every option I can to try and get in with two of the most mobile characters in the game but nothing seems to work. I always end up taking chip damage from full screen becuz portal punches keep me locked in place. I try to trail blaze or jump roll but he just claps his wings and I’m back to square one.

You probably need to focus on staying mid-screen against him. His best spots are up close and around full-screen and he does have very unsafe specials. Don’t ever give up the space.

I find this matchup to be murder for Kim Wu. I haven’t sorted it out yet.