Gargos guessing game

Tomorrow it’s the so long waited Gargos stream. Before seeing him in all his glory, what do you expect?

Copy & paste from myself:
My bet: He can summon minions, and control them independently from himself, using his normals freely.

For example:

PPP summons Weapon demon: If you hold PPP once summoned and press a direction, the minion uses a different attack. Up uses an overhead, down a low, forward a long range poke…

KKK summons fat demon: Same controls as Weapon demon, but with KKK. This one has more defensive utility. Up its an anti air, down it’s a grab and holds you in place defenseless…

Once the are out, you can also use all your normals and specials. So for example, you can order both of them attack(PPP+Up, KKK+down, setting an overhead+grab scenario, making difficult to evade), but also use HK to nullify incoming fireballs and stay safe, or attack by your own

I honestly have no idea what to expect. IG completely surprised me with Mira and how she functions (in a good way) that I don’t even want to take a guess because I know it’s going to be way off base lol

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