Gargos Bug Reporting Thread

Im sure there will be plenty of Gargos related bugs, so let’s just get them all compiled into one place, shall we?

I’ll begin:

-Spamming Medium Portal Punch will beat EVERY CHARACTER on EVERY DIFFICULTY when they are A.I. Controlled. EDIT: So, the issue seems to be that the A.I. never blocks when this attack is performed, so using it as a meaty will result in an infinite loop of hits, or in some cases, counterhits.

-Gargos’ Medium Portal Punch Will destroy any Spinals Skulls between himself and the opponent.

This! Had this happen to me earlier in survival…

Im pretty sure the world records for Survival are about to be broken AF. :\

I’m gonna go home and SPAM Medium Portal Punch in Survival now! WOOT!

-Game is crashing about 1/3 of the times that i try to find a ranked match