Gargos Art In Progress

Just started on this. Have a grand idea for it. Hopefully I’ll actually finish it! Did a lot of erasing as you can see, but wanted to show off what’s there so far. #staytuned


That is sick as ■■■■!

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WHOA! That’s some godlike art you got there! :scream:


Yeah, this is looking really, really good so far. Great understanding of form, really good shading–love how you’ve dripped some hatching and crosshatching in there to give his skin a sense of texture. Can’t wait to see it finished!

Love the way the face looks, makes the face (nose region) look superior to the game version!

Looks awesome!

Awesome looks badass.

Looks great! I will say you might wanna reposition the thumb on the hand holding the orb. It looks like a pinky at the angle it’s currently at. (unless that’s not his hand?)

Thanks for sharing! This looks sick! Look forward to the full release!

Yeah that hand has been totally changed. He actually isn’t holding the orb anymore, but the orb is still present in the image.

That’s sick!

Can’t imagine him sitting on a skull throne. I think that’s just me though. You gonna try to fit the whole wing in there?

Didn’t get to work on it much today, but coming along.


What do you use for your drawings? Tablet or ??

Yeah wacom tablet.

A freakin’ mazing!