Gargos Announcer voice!

so far we have 3 announcer voices for KI. There’s Mike, Chris, and Aria! But i think it would be cool if Gargos also had a chance to be an announcer voice! considering the fact that he is a final boss like Aria and his voice sounds cool! Why not give it a try?

i mean it is a suggestion, and fans would love it! RIGHT?


I like it!

That sounds like a really cool, neat, great, and awesome idea/suggestion already so I’m in now :slight_smile:

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I think the whole KI cast should be an announcer like in DOA4!

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I don’t see aganos as an anouncer but more diff anouncers would be great. :slight_smile:

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I’m sure the devs could work around it! Maybe start with the human characters and move on to the mutants!

Riptor announcer!

SKREEE! (Triple combo)
SKREEEEEEEE!! (Awesome combo)

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What about Kan ra???

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  • A pitiful attempt at swatting little more than an insignificant fly! (Triple Combo)
  • An excruciating blow has been dealt ten-fold! (Awesome Combo)
  • I gazed upon the heavens and a storm of lightning and fire consumed the very bowels of my soul as the tireless spectacle of cruelty and despair emanated from the defeated warrior’s broken shallow of his former self, upon which it became very clear that no victor would ever arise from such terrible fate! (Ultra Combo)

I’m on board with that! Also liked the suggestion on Kanra!

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